What does it take to become a Radio Monash announcer?

You’ve probably heard us during C&S week, then you’ve stopped hearing about us after that. But that’s okay, because we’ve somehow managed to lure you over through clickbait.

Unsurprisingly, the most commonly applied position when it comes to Radio Monash is being a radio announcer. That takes up a big chunk of our sign-up sheets each semester. However, due to the sheer amount of sign-ups we usually aren’t able to take in everyone who has expressed their interest.

But fret not, unlike herpes, old shows will eventually end, and new shows will blossom each semester. If you didn’t make the cut during this semester’s audition, I wouldn’t be too discouraged as there is always a next one, because hey, some of us had to audition twice to get in as well!

Audition processes are fairly quick and easy, the longest process for some is the blood oath. That’s fairly understandable as some veins are harder locate. And no, we do not use Swiss knives on bare skin because that’s really unhygienic and we’re really not that gross. Just ask the 15 new announcers we’ve just brought in. Interested candidates are usually asked to record a snipped of their voice in our studio to either a Scandinavian rap verse or a script that involves having Green Day and Adele on the same paragraph. If they were feeling adventurous they could improvise on their own as well.

(If you were wondering about the writers’ application process, it’s a whole different story. )

Now here’s the important part, if you want substantial tips on how to really become a Radio Announcer at Radio Monash Malaysia, you might want to read on:

From my observation so far I think it’s really important to possess, or happen to be common denominators for most RMM members:

A quirky, convincing accent with questionable origins.

“Oh my god, I love her voice, where is she from?”


If you listen to us enough it’s not difficult to pick up that most of our radio announcers have a certain way of speaking. Don’t blame us for pronouncing IKEA as ‘eye-keah’, not ‘ee-kea’, that’s how they pronounced it in 500 days of Summer.

This is what happens when you grow up in front being unable to decide whether you like having a Valley or British accent better – you end up adopting both, even if you’re really from the Valley, the Klang one.

An affinity for closeted spaces


I get it, some Monashians are out of the closet, some are still in it. It’s worth knowing that being a part of Radio Monash Malaysia would require you to physically be inside a closet. Not because we’re homophobic, but because that’s the size of our studio, silly! Some Radio Monash members would call it a den, most would endearingly call it our dungeon. But that is not to say the dungeon itself is not well-equipped. Our swivel-chair-to-square-foot ratio is comparable to IKEA’s. And unlike the ones you’d find at our computer labs upstairs, they don’t squeak at all.

For some, it’s a shrine. Where else would you find posters of then-pop starlets Jessica and Ashlee Simpson? Il Divo? Ryan Crabera? They were all posters from Galaxie Magazine, which has stopped publishing since 2013.

Having really strong feelings/opinions on The Chainsmokers.

For most of us millennials, Nirvana’s legacy has been watered down into graphic designs for t-shirts made in sweatshops. In our day and age, the only thing that really smells like teen spirit is The Chainsmokers. The Chainsmokers is for everybody, for the bro in the Stoned & Co. T-shirt, to the girl in the ribbed tee shirt, and even if you have never been in the back seat of a Range Rover. Nothing gets me going more than walking into MUSA Lounge on a regular Monday and be welcomed by the only Halsey feature I know of. If you have strong opinions about the fist-pumping melodies by this EDM duo, Radio Monash is the platform for you to express that.

Also, shout out to MUSA Lounge that has been playing really good music, y’all should really start streaming Radio Monash.

We love BuzzFeed!!

Sometimes, the only thing that keeps some of us from making our talk sets into ASMR sessions are BuzzFeed listicles. How else would you survive on a slow news day, and plus, none of our two listeners would ever say no to finding out the 7 Signs You’re Still Not Over That Breakup, or 22 Undeniable Signs That You Went To an All-Girls School. BuzzFeed is the central hub for bite-sized pieces of news that Cool Teens™️ care about.Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 5.49.33 PM

Lastly, we love Listening to Youtube!!!

If you’re a part of Radio Monash you’ll know this is where you discover music that’s uh, very 🔥🔥🔥lit🔥🔥🔥. We especially hate music videos that have long intermissions or angsty dialogues midway. The only way to summarize our love for music streaming via YouTube is this:

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 5.42.36 PMI hope this piece served some real purposeful advice, and we hope to see you at our auditions next semester. If you’re looking forward to contribute pieces for Radio Monash’s blog, you can send them over to radiomonashmalaysia [at] gmail.com

From the Editor’s non-existent desk,

Ling Jie

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