Hey y’all!

I hope all of your classes and units are going well

But don’t worry if life is getting stressful because I’ve got some advice for you! I’ll be talking about getting motivated and focusing, keeping on track, and the most important part: taking breaks.

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For The Procrastinator

“Five minutes more on Instagram / Messenger / Snapchat / Facebook and then I’ll start…”

Does this sound familiar to you? Well, don’t worry! An easy way to beat the very easy rut of procrastinating is to start small. Try getting easier tasks out of the way first before tackling the bigger ones to warm up. You could also set yourself a timer on your phone to give yourself ‘x’ minutes to get all your social media checking out of the way and then start working. It’s still a pretty big hurdle to get over sometimes, so if you’re worried you won’t actually start when the timer goes off, you could get a friend to text you and push you to work. If all else fails, download an app blocker so you literally can’t get distracted by those apps.


For The Easily Distracted One

*is working productively* *looks out window*

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*five years later…* “whoops did I have an assignment to do?”

Big mood honestly. But, believe it or not, there are ways to stay focused! For starters, if you’ve got a lot of reading to get through, you could motivate yourself by treating yourself to candy/chocolate/any snack every time you’ve gotten through a page. The same thing applies if you have a report to get started on. Alternatively, you could get a study buddy! Preferably one that doesn’t get distracted. Peer pressure can be good sometimes, and if you’re both working on the same things, you won’t have to check your phone to ask someone for help (which helps with avoiding that massive rut of getting distracted by social media).


For The Burnout

“I’m going to get EVERYTHING done!” *does not get everything done* *screaming and death ensues*

It’s great to be ambitious! But… it’s better to be realistic. If you’ve got plans to grind through piles of work over a weekend, don’t say that you’ll finish it all in one shot; that’s a one-way trip to disappointment. Instead, break it down into smaller tasks so you don’t overwhelm yourself with huge projects/reports/assignments/problem sheets. For example, if you’ve got a poster to do, you could break it down into researching, planning, designing and writing. Don’t forget to take short breaks in between each one though! Otherwise, you’ll just end up back at square one. You could also try to switch between subjects to stop work from getting boring and monotonous (well, to reduce those feels anyways). On a more important note, don’t beat yourself up for anything you can’t finish. If you’ve tried your hardest, be proud of the work that you’ve been able to finish. I believe in you!


For The One who takes a Five-Hour “Break”

“Yeah… I’ll get back to work… Soon”

Okay, breaks are great in moderation. Science says so! Here are 5 different study breaks you might be needing!

  1. Stressed out. Take a couple of deep breaths, maybe go for a walk, or tear up tiny bits of scrap paper. Gather yourself. You’ll be okay.
  2. If there’s something on your mind and you just can’t focus. Get that out of your system before it messes with your work. Rant to a teddy bear. Write it down and flush it down the toilet. Clear your head by talking about it to a friend.
  3. Exhausted – both mentally and physically. Take a quick nap. Nothing more than 30 minutes or you’ll be even more tired after. Ask a friend to call you or wake you up to avoid oversleeping. If your nap will be shorter than 20 minutes, (risky idea but good if it works) drink some coffee/tea before you nap so the caffeine hits just as you’re getting up.
  4. Bored or confused. Take a few minutes to watch a Crash Course/Khan Academy video. Draw some diagrams relating to your work with lots of colours. Try explaining your work to a friend who’s never studied the content, or get a smart friend to explain it to you to solidify the concepts in your mind.


I hope you’ve found a solution to your study dilemmas here! Let me know if they did or didn’t work for you down in the comments below. Now, GET BACK TO THE BOOKS STAHP PROCRASTINATING ON THIS WEBSITE!! Seeya next time!


P.S. An ironic (but funny) sidenote, this article was procrastinated on too. Nobody is safe.

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