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If you tuned in for the last show of the day, then welcome back to the wonderful world of street art! And for those of you who don’t have the faintest idea of what street art is, prepare to be amazed!

Ever taken the train to KL, on the route that goes along Masjid Jamek? Try looking out the window to the running waters below. The sight of the dirty water may seem unappealing, but shift your eyes to the walls along the waters. You’ll find them covered with paint and drawings and writings of different kinds. The colours seem vibrant and then dull and then vibrant again. It’s quite a sight!

It takes your mind off the crowded train, the smell of sweat all around. You can tune out your legs nagging you to hog the next empty seat you could find. Little do your legs know that the train won’t clear for at least three more hours!

Here are some of the things that you might see along those stretch of walls.

Graffiti in KL Urban Graffiti KL

Pretty cool huh?

This isn’t the only kind of street art. There’s so much more! And you don’t have to travel way beyond your borders to see it. Hop on a bus to Penang, or a flight if you like, and there you have it! A perfect weekend getaway. Hope you don’t mind a bit of walking around cuz you’ll be doing a lot of that. But if you’re slow on your feet, don’t worry. The bicycles have got your back.

Yes, that’s what you’ll need for a tour around Georgetown, Penang.

Along Armenian Street, you will find many famous paintings like the boy on the bike.

Boy on Bike, Georgetown Giant Cat Mural, Georgetown 

Actually, it’s all over Georgetown. You can see artworks that show a huge cat staring down at you,a young lad whispering entrusting you with his secrets, and much more.

The Boy's Secret, Georgetown

But then, for some of you, Penang might seem rather far. Here’s something closer: Malacca! This historic town is filled with street paintings that attract more and more tourists every year. You can walk along Jonker Walk and stop to admire each mural. Again, not so sturdy on your feet? Try the Melaka River Cruise which also goes by Jonker Walk and you might even enjoy the afternoon fresh breeze that comes along with it!

Jonker Walk, Melacca

Want something even closer? There’s street art right nearby in Petaling Jaya! That’s right, you can just hitch a grabcar or take your car for a drive down to PJ to see the works of the SS2 Wall Art Competition. The competition was held in November 2014 and many local artists participated to get a chance to win the RM10, 700 prize money. The art works cover 22 walls in the main commercial area. There are many cafes around the area, so you just might decide to stick around a while longer.

SS2 Street Art

There you have it! Street Art Stretched Around You! Visit these places and who knows, it might inspire you to paint a wall of your own, and the next thing we know, your painting is the next one we all pass by!


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