ICYMI: Bash of Monash returned last Friday on May 17th to conclude the first semester of 2019 with its’ third instalment, “It’s Not a Phase, Mom!”. If the phrase alone isn’t sufficient enough to provide you with the gist of the theme then allow me to elaborate and say, this time round, the essence of the event emphasised on early-pop-punk-alt-rock pilgrimage of nostalgia. The acts of Bash of Monash 3 saw home-grown bands such as TimeMachine, TrxthWave, and The Filters performing and rocking out to covers from well-known artists as well as delivering a few original tracks which is sure to get you hooked if you gave it a listen! Additionally, the live music event goers were treated to a buffet service which included no less of indomie goreng (stir fry instant noodles), chicken ham cheese omelette, chicken sausage and nuggets, and a good ol’ teh tarik (milk tea) to wash down all the goodness of the food with. Not to mention, there was a pop-up thrift store put together by Plustic Thrift for guests to shop for affordable garments whilst indulging in the music that filled the atmosphere of the MUSA Lounge.

TimeMachine (source: @transhallow)

At exactly half past seven, TimeMachine, a five-piece and all-girl alt-rock band comprised of Charlotte Felix as the lead vocalist, Gladys who killed it on bass, Kassie on the drums with Cassandra handling the keyboard and Krychell rocking the strings on guitar, hit the ground running with a cover of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now. As the title of the song goes, TimeMachine was a force to be reckoned with and most definitely unstoppable seeing that the band had everyone’s undivided attention the moment the lead vocalist, Charlotte, first took control of the microphone and then the crowd – both at the palm of her hand, easily. Her infectious and contagious energy transmitted through the enthusiastic crowd, whom which reciprocated by equally radiating the same energy. By the time the band got to their third number which they regarded as a Halloween medley, the crowd surrendered voluntarily to the music and fully immersed themselves in what is unarguably present – TimeMachine, whilst blatantly chanting “Ra-ra-ah-ah-ah / Roma, Roma-ma / Gaga, Oh la-la / Want your bad romance” to a rock rendition of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance and later screaming their already pounding heart to The Cranberries’ Zombie.

Charlotte, the lead vocalist (source: @transhallow)

And what is more, TimeMachine also performed a few original songs titled WithcraftNot Today, and Irrelevant. However, Not Today and Irrelevant stood out the most and in my humble opinion, is a certified bop. The track, Not Today might catch you off guard but don’t let that deprive you from appreciating the excellence hidden behind the song which is essentially about womanhood, particularly concerning the inability to perform at your peak due to period and coming to terms with it. There is no need to adjust your screen cause’ you read that right and you better listen to it right too as Charlotte exclaimed “Boys, pay attention!”, calling for their attention right before she begin singing the track which had their ears perked up while the girls cheered on – rightfully so. The track starts off slow with lines like “I can’t sing today / Oh it’s only for today / I cant sing today / ‘Cause I just can’t / I can’t stay on key, on pitch, on tempo /  Don’t even try to make me belt, no / I can’t sing today“. She rings in the second verse by saying “Men, listen up”, then proceed to sing “I know you can’t see it so let me describe it / It feels like theres a big, fat rock on my back / Can you please stop punching me in the gut / Oh wait a sec, you’re not / It’s just the cramps, excuse me can you stop“. Periods are commonplace as well as very normal yet many feel as tough it’s a peculiar topic for table talk or to be brought up in the midst of a conversation but the best way to start dispelling taboos is to talk about them or in this case, to sing about it and TimeMachine does not shy away from that and does a rather commendable job at it. It is self evident that the girl power emanating from this band is undeniable but most importantly, genuine and all of us are here for it. The next track, Irrelevant is song that can be summarised using Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote, ‘no one can make you feel inferior without your consent’. The lead singer hopes the song reminds you to not drown in all the unsolicited opinions of those who don’t matter because at the end of the day a lion never loses sleep over the opinions of a sheep. She sings “One foot in front the other and you’ll be okay / Because no matter what you do, they’ll have something to say” which goes without saying because empty vessels make the most noise. This song generally is a feel good song that you just can’t shake off which had everyone singing along to the lyrics which goes like “You decide if they’re irrelevant / Oh are they irrelevant / Oh are they irrelevant / You decide if they’re irrelevant“. Both these tracks has been stuck in my head for days now and ones I can’t stop singing because it is the ultimate earworm.

Gladys as the bassist in the front and Kassie on the drums (source: @transhallow)

TimeMachine then covered the iconic Panic! at The Disco’s track I Write Sins Not Tragedies which had everyone up on their feet with their hands in the air. They also brought another local band Senja who was in the crowd to come up and sing along to the song with the band. Needless to say, the song was catalyst for the crowd to begin moshing and jumping up and down out of excitement and pure happiness while the lyrics to the song roared throughout. TimeMachine ended their set with Billie Eilish’s latest single Bad Guy which they inserted a rock twist to but it sounds just as good as the original. Suffice to say, TimeMachine was unquestionably a personal favourite performance of the night. The band have a major stage presence you simply can’t ignore while Charlotte, without a shadow of doubt, has the “It” factor which attracts the attention of the crowd effortlessly, drawing them closer to her in a short amount of time to get you hooked to the tunes she sings so wondrously. All things considered, it was a terrific opening act which not only got the crowd pumped up but also set the tone and pace for the rest of the night. As ironic as it sounds, if I had a time machine, I’d travel back to this night to relive this set from the beginning till the end to soak in all the good vibes exuding from every corner. Truthfully, words merely do not serve justice to their performance, you just have to watch them live to appreciate the band’s enthralling performance. TimeMachine brings a sense of exceptionalism to the table and will continue bringing it into the local scene till they explode to greater heights because the sky is truly the limit for them.

Cassandra playing the keyboard (source: @transhallow)

If you wish to attend one of their gigs, hit that follow button on their Instagram cause’ the band frequently updates the shows they’re playing at but in the meantime, look into their Youtube channel or Soundcloud if you want to listen to their covers and originals (highly recommended!)  

Also, be sure to check out Part 2 of the rundown in the next article to see how TrxthWave and The Filters took over the crowd after TimeMachine because they’re equally amazing with TrxthWave’s impeccable covers of songs ranging from John Mayer’s Gravity to Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child O’ Mine and The Filter’s original tracks – you’ll want to read all about it then hop over to listen to them as well!

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