It was never on my mind that I would be spending FIVE YEARS of my life in our beloved Monash. But here I am – back after 3 years of hell degree and ready to devote another 24 months in the name of Athena, Ganesha, Apollo, and the endless list of knowledge deities. I have no one else to blame but myself – and I wanna ensure that you guys wouldn’t make the same mistake.

Starting out a Masters program a month after finals are done – felt like getting out of the frying pan into a burning kitchen. Sure, plans were drawn up and researches were done; but jumping ship from a science degree to business was a spur of the moment decision. Or rather, an unconsciously premeditated one. It’s hard not to see the world as a collection of corporate empires, and to ignore this fact is pretty reckless. As I wandered about the abyss of seeking jobs, getting a certification in something as commonly practiced as business makes sense. If you have been to Monash’s career and internship fair, you would realize that the prospect for degrees other than business is nonexistent rare. I am, therefore, bridging the field that I love with the field that every company seeks for.

Transitioning from undergrad to postgrad at this rate should be illegal unless handled with care. I did not know what to expect, but I know what I should change. Throughout my undergrad degree, I have learned at least three things;

(1) procrastination is something I hold very dearly to

(2) it is easy to be invisible in a class of 150 people

(3) there is more to studying than to merely pass exams

it is a chance for a fresh start; hence by entering post-grad, changes must be made;

(1) no more excuses – having 50% of class hours compared to undergrad allows so much time to focus on one assignment at a time!

(2) speaking up is easy in front of 10 people

(3) better to understand the material AND apply it to the real world

Oh well. Familiarity could be good for your well-being. After seeing the same people (almost) every day for the past three years, however… Meeting these people when you have actually graduated and they haven’t felt awkward. Cringeworthy punch to the gut. Familiarity is suddenly trapping you in a whirl of (yet again) unsureness about your place in the world. You want to fly, but the last straws of perplexity are tied to your feet. It would take some time for them to unknot, but it would be worth it. And you’ll soar above the confusion.

Time really does fly. I swear it felt like O week just finished yesterday and bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! 144 credits vaporized away and materialized into a piece of paper that could be traded with jobs. As they say, you’d regret things you didn’t do more than the things you did. Alas, the time spent in undergrad is filled with ‘what if’s and ‘I should’ve done that’s. A second chance has been gained, and it would not go to waste.

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