At one point in our lives, we can all be guilty of worrying about our grades and completely shifting our focus on getting that specific grade that we all want, whether it’s a D, a C, or an A+.

Students can sometimes be so caught up in these grading systems, that they might feel that these numbers define their knowledge or measure their ‘smartness’.

Students feel the need to sometimes please their parents or their self-conscious; that they go to great lengths to achieve the grade they want, however even that sometimes, isn’t enough.

My friend Hana, she used to have papers all around her at home, studying for hours on end, but all that was diminished to a C, and that obviously demotivated her, making her not study as much, or not pay attention in class, which lead to worse grades.

We live in a world where a number can change your mood from zero to a hundred real quick. In some societies that number can lead to a person’s decision to suicide, which really shows how screwed up this whole thing is even more.

Pressuring students to achieve a certain number, is like putting boxes in their heads, as they get bummed out, they give up, and just resist what they’re being taught , thinking that ‘It’ll end up with a bad grade anyway so why try right?’

That obviously does not apply to most students, but then again, why does society feel the need to put pressure on kids? Learning should be an enjoyable experience; however most students rarely look forward to going to school or Uni.

Learning is a privilege that a lot of people don’t get to have, and for students to ignore that privilege, says a lot about our community’s jurisdiction.

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