People who are going to Alliance Music Festival 2016, raise your hands up high! In another 11 days, under the force of Monash University, Sunway University and Taylor’s University, Alliance Music Festival will be happening. Tickets were sold last week and I hope it will be an amazing show. Have you got your outfits for the festival? If not, here are some key pieces you might want to take a look at!

Crop top


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Ladies, crop tops are your go-to pieces especially during music festivals! It’s comfortable, simple and versatile. Go casual with a solid coloured crop top or glam it up with sequins, lace or fringe! Wear them with a pair of leggings, jeggings, or shorts.

Kimono Cardigan


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If you are into boho vibes, simply layer a kimono cardigan over your outfit. Fringes on the kimonos would add a nice touch when you are dancing as it gives a lot of movement. It is definitely suitable for those who prefer a bit more coverage as well.



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Not keen on mini dresses? Tired of the same old t-shirt + shorts look? Try going for rompers! They have become fashion staples at music festivals due to their ease of wear. Jazz one-coloured rompers up with accessories, or otherwise make a statement with daring printed rompers.

Tank tops


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Just as how crop tops are essential for the ladies, tank tops are the basic pieces for guys at music festivals. With the large armholes, it makes it easy to dance all night long!

Plaid Shirt


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Plaid shirts serve as a purpose for layering over tank tops or t-shirts to make the outfit more put together. When the temperature rises up, switch it up and tie it around your waist instead!


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Of course, an outfit is not complete with a pair of comfortable shorts. Do not limit yourself to a certain type of shorts! Try slim-cut/straight-fit shorts in faded blue, olive green, denim or even printed shorts.

Have fun experimenting with these key pieces and most importantly; have fun dancing the night away at the Alliance Music Festival 2016! See all of you there!

Hidayah Azhar is a current Computer Science undergraduate student with a strong passion for fashion and beauty. She has been writing for nearly 3 years on her blog composing of product reviews, tutorials, and more often than not, she shares her daily musings with her readers too. Her inspirations are usually fashion and beauty bloggers around the world like Willabelle Ong from Pale Division, Lilia Kazakova from Lily-like, and the famous twins from Malaysia, Cherrie Mun and Evangeline Yan from Duo Gigs. She is usually seen coding with one hand, and applying lipstick with another.

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