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Living an international student’s life in Monash Malaysia is quite a daunting task, if you ask me. I’m sure most of you’ll with agree with the fact that we just have too much to keep up with! Amidst remembering to key in the attendance code for each lecture AND tutorial, keeping track of the expiration dates for the student pass and sorting out the whole mayhem that comes with shifting in to a new country, we often forget one of the primary reasons we all chose Monash Malaysia…to explore the city, of course!

So here’s a small guide I’ve drawn up that might be of use to those of you who a
re new to the city and are still waddling around like new born ducklings, or for those of you who’ve finally deciding to venture into the big bad world of Kuala Lumpur.

While you’ll find a dime a dozen travel guides on Kuala Lumpur with one quick Google search, this particular guide is tailored for you Monashians out there. For those of you who skipped out on the KL Tour organised a couple weeks back, maybe this would help.

Getting Out Of Here!

Of course, while you’ll have to wait three or four years to get out of Monash permanently (let’s hope not more), temporarily you can head out of the university through various modes of transport.

By Car

The easiest way to head into the city centre of Kuala Lumpur would be to grab a Grab (haha) taxi booked off of your phone. But it’s also expensive. But hey, if you’ve got the bucks to spare, then a taxi should get you to the city within 20 minutes (on a good day with minimum traffic).

By Train

If public transport if more up your alley, then we’ve got some options here.lrt-teaser


KTM trains are your typical railways that run at a slightly slower pace (compared to the LRT), but can get you to KL Sentral (the central transportation hub in KL) within 20 minutes. So go climb up the stairs to the BRT and hop onto a bus taking you towards the Setia Jaya platform, and from there you can catch the train heading to KL Sentral.


The other option would be to get onto the high speed trains of the LRT. To do this, once again make your way over to the BRT and head to the USJ 7 platform. From there catch a train heading to KL Sentral. While it does it longer to reach (about 40 minutes), the frequency of these LRT trains are, well, frequent.

Explore, Eat, Enjoy

Now that you’re in KL, here’s what you can do.

A Walk Along Bukit Bintang

Everyone and their grandma knows all about what Bukit Bintang has to offer! From numerous shopping malls (Pavillion, Fahrenheit, Low Yat) to affordable eateries, spending your whole day at Bukit Bintang is something everyone should do!

While you’re in this place, check oBukit-Bintang-Junctionut Jalan Alar (a parallel street to Bukit Bintang) that comes alive during night-time with food stalls and restaurants lining the narrow street. You’ll find tasty, and more importantly affordable (!) Chinese food.

The Alleyways of China Town

Ah..the famed China Town has got to be on this list, for sure. Roadside shopping and yummy street food combined with the mayhem that comes with China Town…what’s not to love?

While Away Your Time At The Train Station

When we think of a train station, chances are you’re thinking of a desolate platform that’s pretty run-down and dingy looking. Well, KL Sentral is nothing like that. This is one station that’s vibrant, crowded, and well-connected. It’s like KL’s very own Grand Central Station albeit with a mall attached to it, a ton of buses and trains that connect you to the rest of the country and great food joints.

Also, if you’re planning on heading to the airport, then KL Sentral offers you some fine options. The KLIA express train takes you to the terminal in about half an hour (but you’ll have to shell out a hefty sum) or you can hop on to a bus headed in the same direction for a fraction of the cost.4cdf68aa34be1281cd18e6a2fd89eb29

Spend Your Time With The Twins

No trip to KL is complete without visiting the infamous twin towers! If the Suria KLCC mall is not your cup of tea, you can venture out into the attached park for some fresh air, or maybe even head on to the convention centre to check out various exhibitions and events happening on the daily.

Have A Cup Of Chai In India

The bustling street of Little India is another must-do when in KL. Here you’ll find shops selling Indian spices and sweets, the loud sound of Bollywood music blaring from the speakers and some tasty Indian thali (food platter).

And Then Of Course…

You head on back to the hell-ho…I mean university.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and I’ve yet to explore each nook and cranny of KL. If I missed out on some hidden gems, don’t shoot the messenger! Instead, let us know your favourite haunts in KL in the comments down below!

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