The media – television shows, movies, radio broadcast, and books etc. – is meant to portray fiction stories that are reflective of real life on a screen – or some other medium – with a sprinkle of sugar to the public. And yes, they do somehow, at times, manage to depict things that can happen in real life from a fictional angle. For example, bromance, sexism, a subtle hint of racism, and masculinity (All of which I will definitely get to in my future articles.)

However, there is one thing that the movies and television shows and radio broadcasts and books always get very, very wrong. The relationship between a girl and a girl – be it romantic or friendship. Let us talk about female friendships in media for now.

For some bizarre reason, the media tend to pit women against each other. Girls in fiction tend to fight and declare war over the smallest of things, either over a boy, or a dress, or a pair of shoes, or a boy, or several boys, in fact. And this is just the most bizarre thing about fictionalized media that pisses me off the most.

Because it is not so in real life, us girls certainly have more camaraderie and self respect than how the media portrays us. In real life, we know better than to throw away our friendships over simple and unworthy things like boys – no offense to boys out there, but sis before dicks, y’all. And we certainly know better than to let the smallest of things ruin our friendship with one another.

Let’s make one thing clear: the world is already sexist enough, we are already the victims of the utmost disrespect from men, which means we all have to stick together and realize that there is nothing more important than to support one another as woman to woman.

While there is an abundance of girls fighting girls on screen – side eyes media organizations with vehemence – there is an improvement. Here is a list of some of the most iconic female friendships currently:

Meredith and Cristina, Grey’s Anatomy

Dubbed the Twisted Sisters, even when they have men whom they are absolutely in love with, there are still things that they will only tell one another. Also, if Cristina killed a person, Meredith is the first person she’d call to drag the corpse across the floor. If that ain’t friendship, you need new friends. (Can they bring Cristina back because I miss her take-no-crap butt)

Santana and Brittany, Glee

This is probably cheating, because they ended up getting married. But Brittana – that’s their ship name – once started out as one of the best friendships on TV, despite the mess that Glee became, and their love story is one of the best sapphic relationships to ever be portrayed on TV.

Daisy (Skye) and Jemma, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
It’s almost as if they are Hans and Anna, except without the evil dude part, because they both genuinely love each other. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D happens to be a very underrated show in the mainstream media right now, because this show is definitely a whole lot better than the more popular DC universe TV shows right now.

Jessica and Trish, Marvel’s Jessica Jones
Speaking of Marvel shows, Jessica Jones also has another iconic female friendship that we can all look up to. Jessica and Trish, estranged best friends, still managed to remain best friends. Plus, the fact that they were estranged in the first place was because Jessica didn’t want to put Trish in danger. That is love.

Jess and Cece, New Girl

If y’all watch New Girl, you sure know the iconic ships that is Jess and Nick, and Cece and Schmidt. However, the most iconic ship in the show has to be Jess and Cece.

Katherine, Dorothy, and Mary, Hidden Figures
Hidden Figures is already a great movie to begin with, but what makes this movie so great isn’t just the fact that it depicts the story of how three black women are involved in a NASA event. It is also about how these three amazing and intelligent black women are best friends and not at all competitive about their roles in the organization.

Beca and Chloe, Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2
First of all, they are in love, you can’t convince me otherwise. Still, even if they are not – which they are – they are still a great friendship that we should all try to follow. (Is an almost-Spiderman kiss not enough to confirm that they’re in love? Really?)

Oliva and Abby, Scandal
Anyone who has watched Scandal knows that it is very tasking for Olivia to make friends, not with a father like Rowan Pope and certainly not with one of the worst fictional American presidents in fictional American history as her lover. This is why the friendship between Olivia and Abby is so important, because Olivia has so many male figures in her life that she needs a balance, and Abby Whelan is that balance. Even though they are standing on opposing lines, they are still best friends, deep down inside.

The point of this entire article is that we, as women – or girls – have to stand with each other, and not allow anything to break the bond between us. And you can be sure that we will revolt against the media’s negative portrayal of female relationships until they know how to do it right.

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