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Wattpad is famous for their platform that allows many writers, unpublished or published, professional or non-professional to showcase their work to the world. It allows the users to read multiple books from multitude of genres as well as write their own book and possibly get discovered by publishers all around the world! I, myself, as a writer and a reader on that website, know the advantages of having an account there.

But, that doesn’t stop me from wondering why there’s some things in there-that shouldn’t be as promoted as it has been right now. And that, my dear readers, is going to be the clichés or more specifically as the title had stated: Bad boy/good girl clichés that’s becoming more and more abundant in the romance and teen fiction genre.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I can see the appeal in such plots but is it really necessary for almost eighty percent of the books in the romance and teen fiction genre to be about how the bad boys have fallen for the good girl?

It follows the same structure in almost all the books that uses this plot. The bad boy is the scariest boy in the school or the most popular, either way, he has a reputation and then the girl, who’s all quiet and timid, ends up catching his attention. In some cases, the girl could be brave and bubbly and all ‘I’m cooler than you’ but she still has that innocent good girl aura that seemingly ‘attracts’ the bad boy’s attention. It can be cute the first time a book is written with this structure but if there’s as many as there are today, it gets annoying and tiring.

Now, you can always say, ‘Don’t like it? Just don’t read it!’ but even so, there’s just too many out there that’s promoted to the point it shouldn’t even be that famous. What irks me is how the bad boys in the books are always treating the girl they like as if they’re nothing but trash, breaking her heart and saying mean things. And do you know what’s even more annoying?

The girl just takes it.

And stays.

And still loves him.


Why must that be a thing?

Why can’t the girl gather enough courage to leave him and get together with a better guy who would treat her right? But no, he’s the bad boy. He gets the girl he wants and she will let him have her.

I’m sure there are very well written books out there that doesn’t follow this line of plot. But the majority of what I read, it’s been like that and it seems to be what the audience likes. It gets the most reads and votes, sometimes even gets Featured. Featured stories is when the Wattpad team themselves pick the books and gets them promoted even more so more people could find the book. They claim the books they picked are good and well written with unique plot ideas; but is it really?

That’s another topic for another day.

Back to the bad boy/good girl clichés: the characterisations for these characters are so two-dimensional that I’m unsure why anyone would even continue to read them.

Like I’ve mentioned before, the girl tends to act quite foolish and lets her feelings blind her from common sense. Meanwhile, the bad boys gets to sleep with other girls while he likes the main heroine and breaks rules and acts like a total jerk overall.

I just don’t get it, guys. Just why is that plot so appealing? I personally would like it better if the girl never gets together with the boy and karma bites the bad boys in their–you know what.

And this just doesn’t apply to straight couples love stories either. This bled into the LGBT+ books as well in the same category. Personally, I would never touch a book with a bad boy as the main character unless he gets arrested for the half of the things he has done in the book. Let’s be real, even if it’s fiction, I think there should be at least some resemblance of realism.

Especially in a romance story that revolves around teenagers in high school.

Words on a page can have a huge impact in someone’s lives, can influence someone, and in this case, on teenagers of the age between 13 to 15 who most often read these books. It might seem like I’m thinking a bit too much or it seems a bit unrealistic itself that anyone would take a book on Wattpad, no least, seriously-but it happens. You may never know.

There could be a million ways to write the plot down that doesn’t involve the girl having a personality of a cardboard and the boy having an attitude of a rock. There could be a million ways to throw out the message of ‘Hey, whatever this boy is doing isn’t right!’ or ‘Don’t let emotions rule your head all the time’ but that would defeat the purpose it’s a bad boy/good girl cliché and those books don’t fly on Wattpad as much as the bad boy/good girl does.


My advice to future writers who wants to write such a story: Don’t. Even if you do want to try your hands on the plot, try and add your own twists and turns and for the love of chocolate cakes, some realism! Otherwise, your book is just going to be tossed into the ever-growing pile of bad boy/good girl clichés.

To those who enjoy reading these stories: I would like to ask why. Do you find that romantic? No sarcasm here, by the way. I’m just genuinely curious and would like to know.

Either way, to end this rant here, I would like to say that if you like reading such plots and enjoy writing such ideas, hey, you do you, guys! Don’t stop on my account. Write and read whatever!

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