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Spotted at the MUSA lounge mic in check: local artists all set to have your expectations met as they SLAYED the evening with their zestful and exuberant performances as part of the third Bash of Monash: It’s Not a Phase, Mom!


The night was kickstarted with a performance by TrxthWave, a band that hails from Monash itself comprised of:


Kristin Kanaria – vocalist

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Mohammed Hamzah – bassist

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Mikhail Haris – bassist

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Before the band came on, the crowd was already pumped up and kept chanting “Hit me with that TrxthWave”. The band members got everyone in the crowd to hype up for the lead vocalist to join and sing along with them while she was in the crowd during the second song, Gravity. TrxthWave exuded a great stage presence and the intimate setting made it an absolute thrill for the audience to engage with the exhilarating band and their dope setlist:


  1. Black Magic Woman
  2. Gravity
  3. Vultures
  4. Smooth
  5. Dark Necessities
  6. Mr Brightside
  7. Sweet Child Of Mine
  8. Figure It Out


Do give TrxthWave a follow on their Instagram page for further updates about the band!


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The night continued with a performance by The Filters yet another dynamic Malaysian rock indie band comprised of:


Ian Francis Khoo – vocalist and guitarist

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Reuben Ravi – bassist

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Aiman Shakirin – drummer

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Iain Chan – guitarist

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The Filters illuminated the stage by starting off with a running joke by Ian, the lead singer of the group saying they’re a jazz band throughout the set just to lighten up the mood. The Filter’s setlist is as follows:


  1. Intro + John Pine
  2. Planet Platonic
  3. CMC
  4. LYMPH
  5. BZD
  6. Cervidae + Outtro


‘John Pine’ would have to be my personal favorite song from the band’s captivating performance and even more so, the meaning behind the song:


John Pine was the second song that we’ve ever written together and is also the second single off of our EP that’s currently in the works. The song’s meaning is twofold in that, it is written from the perspective of someone who is dealing with a fair-weather friend; someone who is never around in times of utmost importance and is a detriment to your life even when present, but whose significance in your life is undeniable. However, this also serves as an underlying metaphor for addiction, whereby an individual’s addiction is personified or referred to as a physical person. That person would be John Pine.”


‘John Pine’ embraced that Fran Ferdinand groovy vibe and The Strokes’ garage boy band character paired with the Two Door Cinema Club’s quirky attribute of which is in line with the genres that have inspired the band, “our sound mainly consists of elements borrowed from genres that we find intriguing, whether it be the intricate structures and odd time signatures of Math Rock, the smooth and sultry chord progressions within Jazz, the driving rhythms of Electronic Dance Music or even the raw intensity of your everyday Garage Rock band. The audience definitely vibed with the band and “all that jazz”! One of the members even left the guitar on the floor to mosh with the crowd which hyped everyone up. Overall, it was truly a sensational performance and everyone was really sweaty at the end!


The Filters

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Below are the links to The Filters media platforms:








Do check them out and give them a follow for they are truly doing justice to the local Indie-Rock Band community!


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P.S. The Filters are performing live on 25th May (Saturday) at 8:00PM for the PUSH TO PLAY event hosted by Live Fact KL. Save your dates for it sure is a performance you would not want to miss!

All in all, Bash of Monash: It’s Not A Phase, Mom! was an enjoyable and memorable night. For most of us, it was our first ever Bash of Monash experience and can gladly say that we look forward to what is in store for the next Bash of Monash and line-up of artistes. A commendable round of applause to the Activities Department of Monash University Student Association (MUSA) for their attempt of turning their vision into a reality by incorporating some fun into our lives amidst all our hectic schedules and piles of deadlines.


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