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I Taste-Tested At 5 Boba Shops And Had A Boba Coma

I drank over 20 cups of boba from five different boba shops and ended up in a boba coma so none of you have to! Read on for all the tea on some of the best (boba) tea from SS15 Subang Jaya’s Boba Street.

The 4 Moments From ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ I Can Never Forget

Gordon Ramsay’s international hit ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ may have ended it’s seven-season run five years ago and the writer still wishes there were more episodes to get her by. Read on to find out her top four unforgettable moments from the show and find out why it’s a good binge watch.

Parasite (2019) movie review and summary: Dark, chilling, suspenseful

If there were only three words that could be used to describe Parasite (2019), it would be: dark, chilling and suspenseful. Read on to find out what the writer had to say about the film after catching it in cinemas.

Top 5 Places to Nap on Campus

It can be really exhausting on days where classes start really early in the morning and don’t end until late in the evening so it’s important to be able to find a place where you can re-charge in the middle of the day. Read on to find out some of the best places to take a nap on campus.

What to Tell People Who Don’t Know You Met Your Partner on Tinder

Did you meet your partner on a dating app? Do you need a good cover story for when you introduce them to your friends and family and get asked how the two of you met? Read on to find a list of ‘how we met’ stories you can tell people.

Top 5 Places to Cry on Campus

When all the stress of Week 9 is making you emotional and all you need is a good cry session, here are a few places on campus where you can let all your emotions out when going straight home to the comfort of your bed is not an option.

Everything You Missed At Bash of Monash: Blunt Force Trauma

Missed out on all the fun that happened on campus Friday night? Here’s a recap of what you missed during Blunt Force Trauma, the second installation of the monthly Bash of Monash music event.

Why I Am A Feminist

I am a feminist. Yes, it can be a scary thing to admit for some people but it is absolutely necessary in today’s political climate. Here I share my thoughts on negative stereotypes associated to being a feminist and why I identify as a feminist.

Learning to Love Myself while in a Relationship

It’s often said that we can’t love someone if we can’t love ourselves first. I challenge this idea by sharing my personal journey of learning to love myself, overcoming my insecurities and self-esteem issues all while being in my first relationship.