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The Future of Work: Living in an Age of Disruption

With the rapid growth of technology over the last century, the future of human being’s role in the field of employment has become a point of concern. Here’s what Former Executive Director of Institute of Engineers Malaysia, Dr. Cheang has to say about it…

Life Advice & Social Matters

Monash Through The Eyes of a Final Sem Student

For many of us, our final semester of undergraduate life has rolled around. The inevitable end of the wonderful journey[…]

Tech & Toys

Fidget Spinners For Your Fidgety Fives

Hi guys! Noticed something peculiar around you? People wheeling an object with their fingers, in hopes of distracting their already[…]


Mind On Milgram, Milgram On My Mind

Have you ever heard of the Milgram experiment? Here’s something I found very interesting while researching for my upcoming presentation[…]

Movie & TV Shows

Movies Moving Through Time: Shaking Out Shakespeare

Here’s a recount of an old tale brought back to life in today’s world!

Travel & Places

See the Street Art Sketched Around You!

Here are some of the amazing works of street artists right here in Malaysia. You might want to visit some of these places and then venture out of Malaysia to see some more! Happy reading:)