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Shereen Nadhirah Khairul Azizi


Shereen Nadhirah Khairul Azizi

Getting outside of your head

Life can really be overwhelming sometimes, there are somethings I do when I feel like my head and heart are going to burst.

Everyone’s a future friend

Potential friends are everywhere, we just need to be brave and talk to people.

Pure and Patient Love

Having feelings for someone can sometimes be confusing and would at times, require a lot of patience. This is my story.

Forgiving comes with learning

Forgiving people is usually difficult, especially if you’ve been hurt for a reason you don’t know. Here’s my take on those kinds of situations.

It’s okay to be a little late

Everyone’s rushing into everything to be better. But going at your own rate is the best.

Talk It Out Than Tensing Up

With all the stress and frustration from work, group assignments or friends that talk to you despite your work overload, it’s usually better to talk to them about it than keeping it in. Communication is key.