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Siti Zainab Abdullah

Siti Zainab Abdullah

Siti Zainab Abdullah


MPAC’s newest addition to the semester, Black Box has been received well! Read to find out what went down and what my thoughts about it was!

and then there was one

Year End Production : And There Was One [PART 1]

This year’s YEP is mysterious, nerve-wrecking, humorous and exciting all at once! And There Was One is one of the best MPAC’s YEP as to date!

Books & Literature

Wattpad Tip #1: Is a Cover Important?

To get noticed on Wattpad for the quality books you write, you first need to know that appearance is everything. And by appearance, it’s the cover of your book!

Books & Literature

Character Study Is CRUCIAL!

Character studies are often done to get a clearer picture of the character that is being written. But is it really that crucial?

Books & Literature

Is Research Important When Writing?

Research when it comes to drafting a story sounds like a lot of work. But is it important?

Events & Activities

Night of Drama (NOD) [Insider’s Perspective]

An insider’s perspective as someone who had performed for Group 7 (Play number 3) on the Night of Drama this semester.

Books & Literature

Book Review: The Mall by S.L.Grey

This horror book review of The Mall by S.L.Grey showcases the best moments in the book and…the worst.

Books & Literature

Book Rant: MORE CLICHÉS! [Wattpad Edition] [Part 2]

There are more clichés in Wattpad that needs to be ranted about. Let’s begin with the CEO stories, now shall we?

Books & Literature

Book Rant: The Bad Boy/Good Girl Cliché [Wattpad Edition] [PART 1]

Wattpad has now made it easy to make reading possible online with millions of books online to choose from but the abundance of clichés growing over the years in the romance and teen fiction category is starting to be a bit too much. Here’s my rant on it.