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Reading Habits Booklovers do

We’ve all have two or three bookish habits we tend to do while reading good books. Whether they’re something we’re proud of or consider a guilty pleasure, it enhances our joy of reading to have these little details we do

My Goodreads Experience

The goodreads app, a haven for book lovers. Although some may have different opinions on it

Glitches in the matrix

Somewhat related to the Mandela effect, glitches in the matrix occur, changing the things you once believed to be true. Although sometimes mild, some of these glitches can be life changing


Monash Floorball Club

Floorball is a super fun way to get your weekly exercise. Its pretty similar to hockey, with more lightweight sticks and a plastic ball.

Jammies Night

Jammies Night 2019. Here’s what you missed!

Malaysia’s first durian butter chicken

Malaysia’s one and only durian butter chicken always leaves customers – durian lovers and even, haters alike – wanting more.

A monster calls

5 Books that Will Make You Cry

Here are 5 books that set my waterworks to full capcity.

How To: Happiness (not clickbait)

A few tips on how to feel happier faster other than your convential “take a warm bath”!