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Sunway’s Got Talent: symphony of forte

Bummed that you couldn’t attend the sold out, Oscars-themed third season of Sunway’s Got Talent? Fret not! Here’s a look back at all the exciting things that happened during the 4-hour long event.

MPAC Year End Production 2018: And Then There Was One, Part 2

Missed the show? Here’s a rundown of what happened in the second half of MPAC’s Year End Production of 2018!

Tarot and Moon Cycles: Inner Awareness

The moon has a strong influence over our emotions and inner selves. How can tarot be used to gain perspective into its cycles?

Tarot and Astrology: The Overlap

Astrology and tarot are related in more ways than you think. Find out how using astrology in your tarot practice can help you gain a deeper perspective in readings!

Tarot: The Basics

What exactly is tarot? Here’s a quick beginners rundown of the basics, and how to start learning it yourself!


Goodbye Normality: Wolf Alice – Visions of a Life | Album Review

London-based band Wolf Alice are tired of routine and labels. Exploring a wide different range of sounds and topics, their sophomore album rejects pointless expectations in favour of realness.


Defiant and Caring: Camp Cope – How to Socialise & Make Friends

Fearless and unapologetic, meet Camp Cope; the newest faces of indie girl rock from Australia. This trio shows just what ‘girl power’ really means in an often patriarchal and apathetic world.


Stiflingly Bewitching: Chelsea Wolfe – Hiss Spun | Album Review

Chelsea Wolfe has a talent for exploring the complex intricacies of the psyche with an equally complex sound. This review looks at her latest album Hiss Spun, and how her own life has influenced her style.