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Li Ling Lew

Li Ling is an 18-year-old Malaysian student who claims to be a "budak Subang" but secretly loves recommending food outside of the young city of Subang Jaya when asked. (what a fraud) She loves ordering extra onions at Subway and in her free time, can be found pining over fictional characters.

Books & Literature

Audiobooks—do they count as “Real Reading” ?

In which we talk about listening to stories instead of reading them!

Events & Activities

One World Festival

One world; countless cultures. Let’s break down what happened during the One World Festival @ Monash Malaysia!

Life Advice & Social Matters

Technically, isn’t Malaysia 54 years old?

In which we discuss when exactly Malaysia got her name and her age. How old is she, really?

Life Advice & Social Matters

Intro to Broadway 101

In which we discuss about the art scene where people tell each other to break their legs for good luck! Also, what is this whole Hamilton thing even about?

Life Advice & Social Matters

Welcome to Awkward Central

After a month of abstaining from civilisation, it was time to come out of my cave and interact with my[…]

Events & Activities

Singing the Praises of our Teachers

It’s that time of the year again! Nope, not Christmas, we’re still a long way off you guys. I meant[…]

Life Advice & Social Matters

Handling Stress 101

Well hello there, week 10! Is that finals I see on the sunny horizon? How did we get here? Didn’t[…]

Life Advice & Social Matters

Yes (and only yes) Means Yes

“Consent is hot, Assault is not.” If you were hanging around the foyer last Wednesday, you might have heard those[…]


Malaysian Lit & Supporting Local Work

When people say reading is a dying culture in Malaysia, I beg to differ. The book-loving community in Malaysia has[…]

Life Advice & Social Matters

Malaysian Musings: my name not england enough meh?

So it’s week 4, you’re still meeting new people every day and it’s all fun and games until you get[…]