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7 Disney Life Lessons We Can All Use Today

As you grow older in age, so will your love for Disney movies and all the intrinsic life lessons embedded within!

6 Upcoming Movies For The Rest Of 2019 That Might Interest You

Grab your popcorns and keep an eye out for these 6 movies for your viewing pleasure!

Mid-Semester Reminder

Here’s a little reminder for you to keep thriving and continue doing the best that you can in all of your endeavours.

Always Yearn to Learn!

You can never truly go wrong when you yearn to learn, for it doesn’t just make a difference in the world but even more so, in yourself.


Recap: Bash of Monash presents: It’s Not a Phase, Mom! (Part 2)

Bash of Monash is back for the third time in a row, much to everyone’s delight and if you weren’t there – well you missed out in the fun but don’t fret, here’s a recap of the event to keep you updated!


Be Proud Of Yourself!

It’s already the middle of the year and most of us don’t realize how far we’ve come in life. Here’s a reminder for you to take a step back and be proud of all that you have achieved thus far.


How To Brain-‘Wash’ Your Body

We are all so prone to getting brainwashed by the currencies of negativity around and within us. These negative thoughts enter our racing minds and eventually takes a toll on our bodies. We owe it to ourselves to rinse all that toxicity away especially in the shower. Here’s how you could give your brain a ‘wash’ by feeding it with uplifting thoughts as act of kindness to the body.


Instagram: The “Frenemy”

Anything is possible! Even if it means going the extra mile to make a true friend out of your “frenemy”, Instagram.


How To Be A Rebel WITH A Cause

Dare to rebel against the venomous thoughts of self-doubt and negativity? Here’s how you can combat this emotional strain to feel much more intact!