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mood issue 12: personalised tech

from screenshots to badly-lit selfies, it’s really no surprise that our tech devices are some of our most personal, prized possessions. to personalise them on the exterior only goes to show how deeply ingrained they are within our lives.

boiler bridge

Boiler Bridge 2018

What’s Boiler Bridge and why is it so important to us? Find out more about our Publicity team’s first ever music initiative!

Travel & Places

Study Patterns – Exchange Diaries Log #5

Although oceans apart, students around the world are eerily similar in many ways. Find out what I’ve noticed when spending countless hours in the library!

Travel & Places

Sem Break Travels – Exchange Diaries Log #4

It’s time to get out of the suburbs & cities to explore the many wonders that Victoria has to offer. Find out what attractions are worth the long rides to!

Life Advice & Social Matters

Confessions of an Exchange Student – Exchange Diaries Log #3

Is the grass always greener on the other side? Read on to consider if coming to any of the Melbourne campuses tickle your fancy.

Life Advice & Social Matters

How to Earn Cash without Leaving Campus – Exchange Diaries Log #3

Do you find yourself multiplying the amount of something by 3 match up to your local currency whenever you’re travelling or simply buying stuff online? You’re not alone, come find out how you can lessen that burden!

Events & Activities

Winterfest 2017 – Exchange Diaries Log #2

Did you know you can legally drink alcohol out in the open on campus? Here’s a summary of Winterfest 2017; a week of winter-related events hosted by Monash across all Australian campuses.

Travel & Places

Boring Orientations & City Adventures + C&S Day! – Exchange Diaries Log #1

I’m on exchange! I did it! I mean, I would’ve preferred if I got to go on exchange to somewhere[…]

Life Advice & Social Matters

“So Long and Goodnight…”

What to do post-week 12 and pre-finals? Find out here!

Life Advice & Social Matters

How To Save Your Failing As- I mean… grades…

Are you on the verge of flunking or already failing some units? Contemplating on breaking a limb or two just to apply for special consideration? Well, you’ve come to the sort-of right place!