Hello readers, this article is going to be about the most basic things you would like to put on your face on a day to day basis just to give it a fresh and smooth appearance. Don’t worry when it comes to the $$$ I’ve tried and collected the most wallet-friendly products with sufficient quality to result in a harmless smooth face. The products are numbered down to when which should be applied first and what should be applied next. Also, to make things simple the purchase location that has been targeted are the two infamous drug stores which are Guardian & Watsons. So here we go!

1. Primer   

Maybelline’s Baby Skin Pore Eraser (Watsons – RM24.80)

Pic source: Watsons

Always start with a soft primer like this one! Primers are used to even out the skin’s texture and to give it a layer of protection. The Maybelline baby skin pore eraser is aimed to cover up your pores with a very soft feeling. Plus point is that primers tend to allow your make up to stay put for longer, so this is a must do if you have a long day at uni.


2. Foundation

I think most of us are most familiar with this. Foundation is the next layer of cream we apply to our face to even out the skin’s color and texture. Foundation comes in many different forms like foundation cream, stick, liquid, powder and even cushion. In this post, I will talk about two of them which I feel is the most convenient and easy to apply; the liquid foundation and the cushion.

Maybelline’s Super BB Cushion (Guardian &  Watson’s – RM69.90)

Pic source: Watsons

This Maybelline Super BB Cushion is an amazing product personally. It is recommended for users who are also exposed to the sun as they have a protective layer of SPF 25+. It’s very easy to apply as well. All you do is dab the sponge towards the area and pat it all over your face. Yes pat, don’t rub as it won’t even out properly. Also, this product sticks to your skin for a good amount of time.


Silky Girl’s BB Cushion (Guardian – RM47.90 / Watsons – RM35.80) 


Pic source: Watsons


The Silky Girl BB Cushion is a slightly cheaper alternative to the Maybelline BB cushion. However, the winning point of this product is its higher SPF of 50+.


Catrice’s HD Liquid Coverage (Guardian – RM38.90)


Pic source: Guardian

Liquid foundations are considered the basis of the foundation line. The result of this kind of foundation is heavier compared to the cushion. It does take more effort to blend in the substance smoothly, it’s recommended to use a makeup sponge rather than brushes as sponges would do the work of properly pressing the liquid to our skin in a more convenient way. The Catrice HD Liquid Coverage will give that smooth photo-ready afterlook and it is supposed to stay for 24 hours on your skin.


3. Concealer

Revlon’s Photo Ready Concealer Stick (Guardian & Watson’s- RM49.90)

Pic source: Guardian

When applying basic makeup, concealers are vital to conceal blemishes and spots. In my personal opinion, the creamier the concealer the more it conceals. Concealer sticks tend to have denser texture compared to other concealers, thus this is the most preferred type of concealer. The Revlon Photo Ready Concealer stick works like magic if you apply it right. The technique once again is to dab not to slide it all over your face.


Maybelline’s Age Rewind Concealer (Guardian  – RM30 / Watson’s – RM25.80)

Pic source: Guardian

Maybelline Age Rewind concealer is specifically good for dark under eyes and eye bags a.k.a ‘Panda Eyes’. This is highly recommended if you have dark circles and would like to cover it up.



The products mentioned above is considered the day to day basic products that can be used. Depending on which feature you would like to highlight (brows, cheekbones, cheeks, chin, jawline) there are also budgeted options available. If you have noticed the brand of products that are most mentioned is from Revlon and Maybelline, the reason being that they are one of the oldest makeup brands out there and with their affordability, they have a quality to preserve. Lipsticks, eyebrow pencils, contour kits, blushes and other products are also available in those two brands and they are fairly good products as well. So when in doubt, the recommended choice is either of these brands.

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