Katy wakes up to the sound of her alarm, leans in to close it, and continues to use the phone, surfing through her media, whether it be Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter; she passes through all of them as if it was a morning prayer.

Katy, like many of us in this generation, has been thrown into a swirl wind of advancing communication technology. This is due to the continuing need to be online, as we never really are offline. What this tech has done is become a complete distraction by using tactics of consumerist interests and feeding the people products through famous influencers. It has also become the backbone of celebrity idolization and the need to become famous or viral. This has become a distraction from the serious parts of our society, as these deliberate marketing schemes are designed to enclose you to become a buyer constantly.

We have become quite used to the idea of wars in developing countries, seeing them as generally unsolvable. These issues usually are left to people with a high status and name, in a circular room, discussing matters of starving nations and war torn regions. Meanwhile, we are left in the swirl pool of the internet, as we hear every day of another conflict, and it soon becomes less impactful by each passing day. Which is sometimes why people tend to focus more on news like ‘Kylie Jenner on the cover of Forbes for becoming a self-made millionaire’, rather than a bomb in some ‘backwards’ country.

Katy goes back to bed after a long day at university, sorrowful, as she found out that her favorite celebrity couple had just broken up. She goes to pick up her phone out of habit, and checks the latest news on the couple. A news piece pops up on her feed about children getting imprisoned in Jerusalem for a supposed police assault, and she scrolls leaving it unclicked, as she thinks, ‘those poor kids’. Katy sleeps after updating herself on the current celebrity gossip.

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