Over the years, we’ve seen major changes to Subang as a whole, the rapidly growing suburban area has quickly become one of the most frequented areas in all of Kuala Lumpur.

However not everything is as good as it may seem, the rapid development of Subang has resulted in a highly competitive market in the area, resulting in some of the places to hike prices up to catch up, those that cannot compete simply close down and ship off to other places.

So here on this list are 5 Places We Miss and 5 That Can Do Better.

Humble Pie

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MISS: Humble Pie (SS15)

Known for its quaint, relaxing and chill feel, Humble Pie in SS15 used to be the go to place for friends in search of a place to unwind with good music, a comfortable setting and some good old fashion damn good pie. Mysteriously, it closed on a random day in early 2016, the papers on the shutters promised us that they’d reopen soon but our eyes would never gaze upon their beautiful Banoffee Pie again.


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I personally like Tryst, the few times that I went there, the food was decent but on the pricey side and the people were nice, I understand where they’re going with the whole dark lights and cramp setting kind of thing, but it’s personally not my favourite. On the topic of it being cramped, a source had this to say:

“Tryst: we love your pancakes but I hate the unnecessary physical contact I have to endure while passing through the restaurant.”

So while I like Tryst and rate it, I wouldn’t make the conscious choice to go there.

O Banh Mi

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MISS: O Banh Mi

The wonderful place of long, hard, delicious buns. A Vietnamese restaurant frequently visited by locals and internationals alike, their set lunches were to die for. Their servings were large and well worth the price, during non-peak hours it is also a brilliant place for one to unwind with a good book or a couple of friends over tea.

We miss you O Banh Mi.

Thyme Out

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CAN DO BETTER: Thyme Out (Sunway Pyramid)

Initially a place in SS15, they moved over to Sunway-side when their business took a hit, there was a change in management and staff, resulting in a drop in standard, but the move to Sunway-side resulted in a rise in prices as well. They switched the menu from it’s all popular line-up that had attracted years of loyal customers, to a rather limited menu, with upped prices and honestly, a low quality of food.

But we believe in Thyme Out, because your time is not up, your thyme is now.

Hungry Hog

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MISS: Hungry Hog

All I can say is that I miss Hungry Hog, they were definitely a front runner in the pork dining scene, deliciously cooked meals, although a little on the pricey side, definitely well worth it in terms of the quality in ratio to price. They ran into a licensing issue awhile back, and I guess they weren’t able to renew it. Although an acquired taste for those who really love to eat pork, I myself had a problem with finishing all my helpings sometimes, but it always delicious and rich in flavour.

In the words of my omnipotent editor: rip hungry hog.

Garage 51

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CAN DO BETTER: Garage 51

There’s really not much I can say about Garage 51. Get it together guys.



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MISS?: Peppercorn

Now this one I’m unsure about, I’ve heard a lot of news about the possible closure of Peppercorn Café so I wanted to put this out here ahead of time. One of the hidden gems of SS15, Peppercorn was a popular breakfast stop for those of us who frequented the area, as a former student in SS15, Peppercorn was without a doubt my favourite place for the most important meal of the day, with extremely cheap sets with generous helpings, I found myself always satisfied with the food I was getting and content with paying the prices for it. If it is true that this place is closing, I am deeply saddened to say goodbye to one of my most preferred spots in Subang.

If it is still open though, feel free to let us know here at Radio Monash!


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By now all of us would have heard the news about the staple of SS15 closing down, Asia Café was and probably still is the most popular place to hang around in SS15 24/7, whether or not it was for meals, or yumcha-ing with friends or both over a football game, Asia Café was the central hub of Subang for a very long time. However in recent years, we’ve seen standards drop significantly, the workers are unresponsive if not barely interested in you, and the food quality all in all has gotten shoddy.
I put AC on this list because there has been a history of places closing down just to suddenly reopen again with better quality foods/service (ex. Morningwood)

So if there was any chance to salvage yourselves Asia Café, now would be the perfect time for you to make the big save.


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MISS: Swensen’s (Subang Parade)

Now this place is more known to those with an insatiable sweet tooth, Swensen’s was a popular dessert restaurant in Subang Parade that opened in the early 2010’s and closed a couple years back. Known for their huge, and I mean huge dessert portions, almost everything available was ordered to share, and not for one to indulge in alone. Their main courses and foods were lacking significantly but their desserts were always to die for. A little more on the pricey side, but definitely delicious and fun to share around with friends at a dinner table.

No worries about being on missing out, the original branch in downtown KL is still up and running!

Monash U

pic credits: Monash Edu.MY

CAN DO BETTER: Monash University Cafeteria

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate our canteen here at Monash, but there are certainly aspects of it that can improve. While the standards of food aren’t terrible, they can be guilty of being inconsistent at times. Within my first week of having Monash Cafeteria food, I found myself having stomach upset twice, which shook me pretty hard. But I did eventually revisit those places and try their foods again, and it wasn’t as bad as I previously experienced. The price to quality ratio isn’t the best, as you can get similarly priced foods for better quality off-campus; but it is the most convenient place for Monash students to get their fill of noms. Most of us don’t have a choice but to settle for the food at Monash Caf, but there is a lot of potential in it for us to benefit from.

With that, this concludes our list! Got anymore places we may have missed out? Shout it out to us and we’ll shout it right back!

My name is Ben from Radio Monash, thank you for reading!

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