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Dystopia means a society where everything is in its worst state: unjust politics, abandoned people, insufficient healthcare, etc. There are a lot of dystopian fans who enjoy reading the genre, but there are also people who dislike reading the genre because they find it unacceptable. If you are interested to give dystopian books a try, here are some recommendations:

1. Gone by Michael Grant
What will you do if every single adult on earth suddenly disappears in the blink of an eye? Can you survive without the internet, your phones, or any means of communication? What will the world be, when it’s inhabited only by teens younger than 15 years old? What happens when you find out some of the survivors are mutating? In this six-book series by Michael Grant, we follow 14-year-old Sam’s journey in the dystopian world – where teens have power in everything, and now they are choosing sides to fight for power: you will be amazed by how much a 14-year-old can do in such situation.


2. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
In a society where people are classified according to physical beauty, everyone is obligated to undergo a procedure to transform from an Ugly into a Pretty when they turn 16. Being a Pretty was supposed to be the best thing that is going to happen to Tally. However, when Tally discovers another side of the world from her friend, Shay, she slowly uncovers the secrets behind the transformation into a Pretty. Discover the world of Uglies and Pretties in this interesting quadrilogy and be prepared to be hooked.


3. Dust Lands by Moira Young
Set in a wasteland constantly attacked by sandstorms, Saba is on a quest to rescue her twin brother, Lugh after he is captured by unknown men. Throughout her journey, she explores the real world, meet different kinds of people, and even forms an alliance with Jack to accomplish her mission. The unique writing and the slangs of this trilogy is something you have never read before, and the fast-paced plot will keep you hooked till the end.


4. The Selection by Kiera Cass
Cinderella’s classic tale with a dystopian spin, The Selection is a 5-book series which tells the story of America Singer passing The Selection to marry the prince of her dreams. America later realized that The Selection was not a fairytale at all, but a dark and cruel competition between pretty girls who are desperate to marry the prince.


5. The Hungry City Chronicles by Philip Reeve
You surely have heard of the movie Mortal Engines that was released last year, but do you know that it was adapted from the Hungry City Chronicles written by Philip Reeves? If you are a fan of the movie adaptation or a steampunk lover, you should start binge-reading this amazing series and dive deeper into the post-apocalyptic world of London after the Sixty Minute War. Follow Tom and Hester in their life adventures and discoveries throughout the 4-book series, which leaves you wanting more even after you are finished reading.


Special Mention: The Chimes by Anna Smaill
The Chimes is a standalone novel, however, it is worth mentioning because of its beautiful, elegant writing style and unique world-building. The book itself was written like a musical piece, it is also most suitable for musicians as it contains many musical terms. For those who have little knowledge in music, you might need to look up the meanings for certain terms while reading this book. In the world of The Chimes, people do not remember their past. However, when a young man, Simon is keen to find out what happened to his parents, discovers his past, he finds out his special ability and is determined to start a revolution.

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