Moving on is a long and shaky road.

I know how hard it can be waking up each morning feeling that everything is gone, or how hard it is to accept that things are not the way it used to be anymore or how hard it is to be crying yourself to sleep at 2 a.m. while you’re trying to forget every memory that is engraved in your mind.

It may be difficult, yes. But trust me, you can do it.

Here are 4 tips to help you;


1) Allow yourself to feel.

Please, please, pleeaaase don’t numb your pain. Because if you do, you’re only cutting yourself off to a part of living. When you numb your pain, you’re not getting rid of it and you’re not wiping it away. You’re not making it disappear, either. You’re just burying it.

And then it’s only a matter of time before it resurfaces.

So I hope you let yourself feel your pain. I hope you let it reach your heart, your mind, your soul. I hope you recognize how your pain affects how you navigate through this world and I hope you allow yourself to heal slowly.


2) Focus on yourself.

Remember, everything happens for a reason. Things ended for a reason and it wasn’t meant to be. Now, it’s time to get up and focus on yourself, on your passion and your thing. Divert all the emotions you feel for that person you used to care about and plant it somewhere it matters (you). Do you remember who you were before getting in a relationship? It’s time to get in touch with that person again. It’s time to be selfish and work on yourself. All that matters now is you and what you deserve.


3) Take your time.

You might take a month, you might take a year, or you might even take 2. My advice to you is to take your time. Some people are able to move on faster than others, and that’s okay. If you find your ex-bf/gf moving on faster than you, that’s ALRIGHT. It’s not a competition nor is it a race, so move on at your own pace. Little by little, I promise you, a gentle light will begin to replace the darkness you’re feeling. You’ll begin to understand why things happened the way they did, and you’ll realise that better things are ahead of you.


4) Accept.

I know, one of the hardest, most impossible things to master is acceptance. But when you learn to accept, you learn to let go. Accept that your relationship is gone and you have a life without that person. When we practice acceptance, we let ourselves move on, we open the door to freedom and we take steps to improve our lives. If you accept these changes without lying to yourself, well then, you are just an inch away in saying, “I have moved on.” Remember, time might not heal everything, but acceptance will heal everything.

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