I looked over at Casey, who looked genuinely interested in the nutritional facts of a box of cereal. She gave me a single nod, we tightened our grip on our bags and paced around the store. We were the only people in there, so it made things a lot harder. The lanky cashier had his back turned away from us, so hopefully he’ll stay that way.

“Alright, you stay there and make sure the cashier doesn’t think we’re doing anything weird.”

I shoved handfuls of cleaning products into the bag, and also took whatever I saw with a high price. The risk of getting caught got my adrenaline pumping. I walked around the register and thought I should take some candy from the shelves nearby since Casey was already there chatting up the cashier. I used to buy loads of candy from here, mainly to sell it to the kids at my school in the playground. As I was choosing between the watermelon or mint flavoured gum Casey yelled,

“Levi! There you are! Find anything you want?”

“Alright, alright, I got the stuff, let’s go.”

We paid for a small pack of mint flavoured gum, but right when we were 2 steps away from the exit, a can of Coke fell right out of my jacket. I grabbed the bag full of stolen goods, the revolver, Casey’s hand, and made a run for the car.


As we were running through the road, it felt like we were in an action movie. Casey giggled when I turned to look at her, and I know it probably wasn’t the right time to feel anything except fear, but I realised she had a really cute laugh. Just as we were about 20 feet away from the automatic doors, I heard a gunshot and felt the bullet cut exactly through the edge of my flannel.

“Cr*p, did you leave the gun behind?”

“No, I didn’t! Guess that guy is tougher than he looks, we need to go.” I said as I double checked my pocket for the revolver.

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