“Ok, how about I let you off from that one time you took 20 from my wallet and never returned it?”

“Levi, I didn’t even take 20! Plus, if we’re actually down for this it’s gonna be worth more than that.”

“I was just messing with you, darling. And I’m so down, I hate that god-forbidden place so much. Plus it’s fun to have a little excitement in your boring life once in awhile.”

Honestly, I had no idea what I had signed myself up for. My group of friends and I kind of have this reputation for doing crazy things all the time, but I never thought we would go this far. Long story short, the 4 of us made a pact that each of us had to complete a random, wild dare given at any moment under no circumstances. The first one was for Danny. He had to drive all the way up north with no plan whatsoever, stay there for a night, and get each one of us a souvenir. Thankfully, he got back safely and we got some cheap key-chains, but the point was to make each dare as risky as the previous one, or worse.

We were all hanging out on the worn out sofa behind a convenience store about 5 minutes away from our houses. I’ve always gotten a bad vibe from that store ever since that one time I got told of by the owner when I was a kid. So, Danny thought it would be a great idea to propose a dare.

“Dude, since you hate that place so much, I dare you to steal 5.” he said.

“5? Easy!” I thought,


I have to admit, I didn’t want to have any bad business with that store, but peer pressure just takes you places sometimes. They didn’t exactly tell me how I should get that 500, but I thought why not just go with the flow. I brought Casey along with me. I met her a couple of months ago and she seemed like a pretty cool person. She hangs out with my friends and I sometimes, and since she’s new I thought this would be the perfect thing for her to do as an “initiation”. I expected her to be more reluctant about this but surprisingly, it didn’t take much persuasion for her to join in. We all got into her old Jeep and parked about 2 blocks away from the store. As for protection, all we had was Danny’s revolver gun that he stole from his alcoholic father (that’s a whole other story), and a garbage bag. The plan was to walk in casually, and take whatever we think adds up to 500. Obviously, there was a high chance that wasn’t going to work out, so that’s where the gun comes in.

We gathered our stuff, put on our intimidating faces, and made our way into the shop.

“I know you’ve got a funny lying face but try to keep it together, okay? This is literally a life or death situation.”

“See, Levi, maybe if you stop reminding me about the reality of what we’re doing, I’ll look a little calmer.”

We pretended to browse through the store and I pretended to look through variations of milk. It dawned on me how money played such a big role in life. The world revolves around a piece of paper, and that single sheet of paper holds so much value and worth. It kinda makes me question if anything in this world is real or not. And also, if I should really be giving in to this bet if it didn’t mean anything to me. I pushed that thought to the back of my mind and tightened my sweaty grip on the revolver sitting in my pocket.

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