Sometimes being a good writer does not mean you can be a good storyteller.

I am a sucker for games that tell good stories. Whenever i see the screen display images such as this:

Or this:

I giggle in excitement and slap a smily sticker on my face. Being given the power to decide the choice of dialogue gives the user a chance to feed into something human, give him or her a sense of morality. Fantastic games such as Telltale’s The Walking Dead, or Heavy Rain are notable examples. These games deliver good scripting to make players invest and care about the characters more. Making a more enjoyable experience for the player.

Then there are these kind of games.

Image result for terrible game dialogue

Wha…. What?!?!?!

Surprisingly enough, many games suffer from poor scripting or execution of dialogue. This has let to many players complaining about terrible script writing in gaming. So how do you prevent bad writing in games as a whole?

First, let us address the elephant in the room: Books and Games are different mediums.

Now do not get confused by the captain-obvious statement but many writers actually either forget or did not know that writing in these mediums can be so drastically different!

Books are meant to be read and trigger the reader’s imagination when diving into the world or universe that you want to share with them. The characters development can be amazing, and the overall conclusion of the novel (possibly series) can be wonderful as well! But even if you can write good books, it does not mean you can write a good story in gaming!!

Games are an interactive medium, making writing slightly tougher than usual.

In gaming, narrative is usually never enough. Take note of the Naugthy Dog’s famous game: The Last of Us, which is praised incredibly for its storytelling and writing. If you have not played this game before and need a brief info on it, the story revolves around Joel and his buddy Emily. Despite having cliche moments in the wirting, players do not feel that it is so cheesy since it is done in a unique way.

Writing also needs to be involved with the gameplay to give the player a “feel” that they are indeed living in that universe. This can allow players to understand the actions of the characters and create interesting drama from such an experience.

There are other elements that are need to be considered such as the genre of the game, the medium and the references it may contain as a sequel. However, that does not mean that the common problems are avoided!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s article!!

And if you are having a tough time through your assignments, Good Luck!!

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