In no particular order : Our ragtag modicum of talented and quirky Radio Monash Malaysia writers!

Valerie Dara


“Tunes and chords in one
Submerge into subconscious
Aliens exist
Chasing Monashians since 2017.”

Sumaiya Hossian

Quirky and quippy. That’s my style! My written pieces are often as eccentric as I am, often going wayyy of the track, but hey, what’s a read without twinge of cringe right? Happy reading, my lovelies!

Nicole Ng

Nicole is a part time writer – because that just happens to be the only thing she is good at – and full time student. However, she is a full time couch potato. All hours of every day, you will find her writing, reading, watching some trashy TV, or sleeping – all of this while she’s sitting on the couch. She writes about anything and everything pop culture, because that’s the only thing that drives her in life.

Nikita S.

A writer has an almost infinite supply of words to choose from, but I approach all my work with three words in mind: simple, believable and compelling. My name is Nikita Shankar, and for me writing started out as a relaxation, escalated into an addiction, turned into an obsession and is now my passion! I love writing about anything under the sun, and refer to myself as an avid reader/writer.

I’m very passionate about my iPod, e-reader and I’ve been travelling from a young age, so of course, my hobbies include travelling, meeting new people, and generally having fun! And that’s what I aim to do right here… provide content that is fun to read for everyone.

Nur Hidayah


Hidayah Azhar is a current Computer Science undergraduate student with a passion for writing. She has been writing for nearly 3 years on her blog composing of product reviews, tutorials, and more often than not, she shares her daily musings with her readers too. Her inspirations to write comes from Vivy Yusof from proudduck, and firzanah firdaus from fiefirds. She is usually seen typing with one hand, and applying lipstick with another.


Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 9.01.04 PM
Hello everybody, its Jiha here 🙂 I enjoy writing about the random-est topics you could think of which mostly inspired by my daily conversations with my friends (Yes, my friends, you guys are my source of inspiration, lol).


Otome-game loving, closet weeaboo, metalhead who writes about her perspective as a main character in her life. Honest-to-God write ups about everything that happens on campus. Usually found crying over virtual Korean and Japanese men or cosplaying them since she’ll never get to be with them.

Li Ling


“Li Ling is a Malaysian undergrad who claims to be a ‘budak subang’ but secretly recommends visiting places outside of the young town when asked. (what a fraud)

She writes content mostly surrounding Malaysian culture and happenings on this site. She also enjoys reading. And ordering extra onions at Subway. Talk to her about fictional characters and you’ll be her new favourite person!”

Ling Jie


Basically anything with a dash of tongue-in-cheek and dry humour.



Just some guy who likes game design.

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