Winterfest 2017!

Winterfest is a week of cool events that happen probably every Semester 2. Everything from marshmallow roasting to a silent disco, there is an endless list of activities across all of Monash’s Australian campuses! There was also a giant igloo looking dome set up in both Clayton and Caulfield campus. 


silent disco in the giant dome!


I only managed to attend only 3 out of all of these, unfortunately.


winterhub winterhub3 winterhub2 winterhub1 marshmallow

Winterhub is basically where they had a cozy area to relax and chat with friends (if you have any, lol). They also had a free flow of marshmallows that you could roast over a bunsen burner that would result in something like this if you’re not careful:


(lol @ my housemate for burning hers)

There was also the free sausage sizzle happening on the day that I was there, which was basically free sausage sandwiches! I went for seconds cos’ they were really good. This is probably the size of a midday snack but it was enough to be my lunch. These were provided on behalf of MSA, and it happens every Wednesday for their weekly Hump Day event.


truly an Aussie sized snack

Glow Yoga

headphones glowyoga

I’m going to start this off by saying that I have no idea what compelled me to pay $8 for an hour long yoga session that left me aching all over the next day. Despite my complaints, it was my first time doing yoga so it was a fun experience! Similar to the silent disco, all the participants wore wireless headphones that was playing very calming, zen-esque music which was also used for the instructor to tell us what to do. The igloo was full of people and I could barely see the instructor, so I ended up relying on the people in front of me to figure out what pose to do when her verbal instructions weren’t enough. I felt really lanky and loose after the session which was pretty cool.


i also got a goodie bag which was probably worth more than $15 so it’s all good!



Winter Carnival

carnival1 winterfest alcohol bouncy bumper dj colouring cider funzone golf hammer marshmallow1 ride wings popcorn viewing padthai

This was probably the most eventful day of Winterfest, which was the Winter Carnival! There were amusement rides, an array of food trucks with everything from alcohol to Thai food to Greek donuts. There was also a fun zone section, where they were giving out free popcorn and cotton candy. There was also a section inside for kids, which was rather odd to me since this is being held on University grounds but then I realized that the campus is open to the public and also mature-age students (who have families) exist. Nightfall began with a 10-minute long fireworks session at 7:30PM, which I felt could be earlier since it already gets dark at 5:30PM. There were also 2 DJs; one near the food trucks and one near the Fun Zone area. Both were playing widely different genres and there were times I could hear both of them at the same time. The lines for the food trucks were freakishly long and I had to wait in the cold, windy weather for an hour just for the box of pad thai, which was quite delicious. Buying alcohol required you to have a green wristband that can be obtained by showing your passport. I also thought it was pretty smart that they open the can/bottle for you before handing it over because there are signs around the open field that say alcohol is prohibited past these borders. By them opening it for you, you can’t hide it in your bag or anything!

I wonder if Monash Malaysia would have these kind of week-long events. Nonetheless, I’m glad I got this opportunity to experience Winterfest because most likely, we can’t bring food trucks into our Sunway campus (and I’m pretty sure alcohol would be banned). The weather was surprisingly bearable during the week although it was really windy during the carnival.

Till next time,
Ash ❤

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