*DISCLAIMER: It may be pretty self explanatory that if you’re looking to find out what’s set to happen after Avengers: Endgame, you should already have seen the movie. If not, you wouldn’t understand it anyway right? So, just be warned that heavy Endgame spoilers lie ahead.*

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Ah, Endgame. You sat down for the entirety of the movie, a whole 3 hours. Holding your fluids because you couldn’t risk a toilet break, cheering when all our beloved characters returned and holding back your tears at Tony’s funeral. Now with the movie fresh in your mind, a bulb turns on. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) was something 10 years in the making, with it’s conclusion, what happens now? Well, I may have some of the answers for you right here.


Confirmed Upcoming Movies

To figure out what happens next, we can look into what Marvel calls ‘Phase 4’. Ever since the dawn of the MCU, Marvel has broken up their movies into phases, with movies of individual characters and then ending with an Avengers movie. Although we may not see another Avengers movie for a long time (more on that later), this is not the case for some of the individual characters as they have confirmed sequels already planned taking place post-Endgame.

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Friendly Neighborhood Spidey

Spider-man: Far From Home is the first post-Endgame movie. In fact, it is so soon, you’d be able to watch it before the year even ends. This movie is confirmed to take place mere minutes after the events of Endgame. After Tony’s funeral, we see Peter go back to school for the first time and bump into his best bud Ned. I believe Far From Home picks up after this scene. Peter and his friends now have an interesting place in their school as it was confirmed that all his friends, like him, got snapped at the end of Infinity War and with them all coming back at the end of Endgame. With the 5 year jump, that would mean all the other students of their year would’ve moved on to college while they remained the same age. This movie will be the first to show life post-Endgame and how the world adjusted once again to it’s events. I’ll save the contents of the movie for a later post, but jolly ol’ Fury is in it.


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Asgardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 would be the first movie to kick off Phase 4 as it’ll be awhile before we see it. At the end of Endgame we see Thor leave Asgard in the hands of Valkyrie and join up with the band of misfits for their next adventure. Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor, actually just renewed his contract with Marvel a few days ago and said he was happy to play Thor for as long as they want. This would mean Thor is pretty much confirmed to appear in Vol. 3. Among all the original 6 Avengers, as of now Thor is the only one who will be appearing again on the big screen post-Endgame. So what do we know? Very little actually. One being Gamora is definitely set to appear in the movie, with Zoe Saldana confirmed to be reprising her role. We know that the Gamora from the past is still in our timeline which could lead to a hunt for her by the GOTG. Second at the end of Vol. 2, Adam Warlock was teased as someone in a pod. He is a huge character dating way back in the comics and will definitely be involved in the upcoming movie.


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Black Widow, May She Rest in Peace.

This is an interesting one. We know of Natasha’s heroic sacrifice in Endgame and it’s also confirmed that she will remain dead post-Endgame, so how is it that she still has a solo movie planned? The obvious answer would be that her solo movie, the first ever for a Marvel female character, would be set in the past as an origin story but if we dive deeper into the thought, her soul is currently stuck in the ‘Soul Realm’ which is where all souls sacrificed, including Gamora’s from Infinity War, end up. Although it may be a bit of a stretch, they could potentially use Widow’s story to explore the Soul Realm and could even bring Gamora into the movie.


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Unconfirmed Movies

There are definitely a dozen unconfirmed movies but will most likely happen as part of sequels for the individual characters. Such sequels that we currently know of are Doctor Strange 2, Black Panther 2, Captain Marvel 2 and Antman 3. Little can be said about all 3 of these movies because it isn’t even officially confirmed yet. Aside from that, with Sony’s rights also being bought over by Marvel, we could potentially see X-Men and Fantastic Four characters popping up in the MCU which would bring about a whole new list of potential movies and story lines that could play out.


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Disney’s Taking Over

Aside from the movies stated above, there is still a handful of characters that have no involvement in them. However, that does not mean Endgame was the last we see them. Recently, Disney announced a streaming service that will be launched in time to come and along with Marvel have confirmed a number of exclusive TV series that would be featured. These shows will contain most of the missing characters and will most definitely be linked to the MCU. Said confirmed shows are Hawkeye, Loki, Falcon and Winter Soldier, Wanda and Vision and finally What If?


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Not much can be said about the content of Hawkeye and Wanda/Vision’s shows other than it could be either set in the past, as Vision’s name is dropped although he is presumed dead, or an adventure said post-Endgame.


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They could also decide to take Loki down the same path that explores his adventures in his early life in Asgard or they could use him as a catalyst to explore alternate timelines that was mentioned in Endgame. According to Endgame’s theory on time travel, changing the past does not alter your future instead creates an alternate future that you will have no knowledge of. This happens during Endgame when Tony and Scott fail to acquire the Tesseract in New York and it lands in the hands of Loki who disappears with it. We now know that there is a different Loki from the one in our timeline and they could choose to explore that.


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Falcon and Winter Soldier is the only show that we can most certainly confirm will take place in present day, post-Endgame. In the concluding moments of the movie, we see Cap pass on the mantle and shield to Falcon with Winter Soldier, who probably felt a tiny bit jealous but happy for his friend, looking in the background. Both Falcon and Winter Soldier had big arcs in the comics where they took on the Captain America persona, although we do not yet know what their adventure will be about, it will most definitely be cool.


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Finally, What If? This show will dive into the past much like how the Avengers did with time travel and think ‘What if?’ in certain key moments in past movies. For example, What if Steve Rogers never took the Super-soldier Serum and instead it was Peggy Carter who volunteered? This show will probably have episodes that don’t connect to each other with a different ‘what if’ every episode. This provides us with a different take on the movies we know so well and even give a chance for characters to make guest appearances. Oh, and that example I gave? It’s actually confirmed to be the first episode and the actress for Peggy Carter is confirmed to reprise her role.


So these are what we know so far that is set for our characters after their epic adventure in Endgame. Do you find these plans for the characters interesting?


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