Are you introducing your partner for the first time to your friends and family? Are you afraid of what they’ll think if you tell them you met them on Tinder? Read on for some funny but totally plausible cover stories you can use about how the two of you met:

  1. We can tell everyone that we met at Good Vibes Festival in 2018. We were both in line for the porta potties. I ran out of tissues and poked my head out the door, asking if anyone else in line had tissues to spare me and that’s how I met my current partner.
  2. We can say we met at the grocery store. Our hands touched as we grabbed the last carton of soy milk on the shelf. Our eyes met and I knew they were the one because they were lactose intolerant too.
  3. If anyone asks, we’ll say he was on Tinder before I came along and he actually got catfished by someone who used my pictures on Tinder. He reached out to me after finding me on social media and that’s how we met and eventually fell in love.
  4. We can tell everyone we met on Habbo in 2009 when we were 12 years old, if anyone still remembers Habbo. We’ll say that we haven’t broken up since. It’s our longest relationship ever.
  5. He is a Soundcloud rapper. I am an Instagram model. He slid into my DMs and said he was inspired to write a rap about me.
  6. He was a contract killer hired to kill me by my crazy ex-boyfriend. He couldn’t go through with killing me when he saw the shimmer in my eyes.
  7. We were married young and we later got divorced before we even graduated university. We reconciled during graduation and we’ve been together ever since.
  8. I was a client at the tattoo parlour he worked at. I went in there to cover up my ex-boyfriend’s name I got tattooed outside of my forearm. We bonded over our tattoos of our exes; he had a huge tattoo of his ex-girlfriend’s face he had yet to cover up when we met. I don’t think we learned our lesson about getting tattoos in honour of our partners since we got tattoos for each other. Let’s just hope we won’t have to cover up these tattoos in the future.
  9. He was a piercer I went to to get my nipples pierced. He was very professional but I was blushing the entire time because he was just so cute.
  10. We both used other people’s pictures to catfish each other. When we finally decided to meet up, we decided we didn’t care what the other actually looked like because the feelings we had for each other still remained true.
  11. We met at the bird park. I was with a group of friends, somehow we got separated and I was panicking because a flock of birds were following closely behind me. I was walking around trying to find my friends, my hands behind my back, completely forgetting I still had bird food in the palms of my hands. I threw the bird food in the direction of the birds and ran, that’s how I literally ran into my boyfriend.

Alternatively, you could just say the truth; that you met your partner online on a dating app. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I’m usually honest and say that I met my boyfriend online to everyone who asks me except maybe my parents and other older family members who would just ask too many questions that I don’t wanna answer. Most of us here have grown up with the Internet and lived most of our lives online so, it’s not that uncommon for us to meet the love of our lives online as well.


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