Welcome and all to the show of a lifetime! Thrills and spills and things that will blow your mind!
Experiences and sights not meant for mortal eyes!

I’m sorry, what? You aren’t here for the bonanza? Oh, well um… this is embarrassing.
Perhaps you… sorry, you would like to read and know about games? Well, I suppose I could do
a blog on that. I mean I’ve played a few games in my time, new and old. You know what, you’ve
given me an idea for a new show!

Introducing The Hot Seat!

Raf Wuz Here

We got Video Games, Board Games, Card Games, Tabletop Games, Sports (Electronic and Non-
electronic), coupled with insights into the history of Games, the critique of Games, the
enjoyment of Games. It doesn’t matter what kind of Gaming related articles you’re looking for,
if you can name it, we have it.

In all seriousness though, this series will be a Gaming Blog that covers the wide spectrum of
things in the wonderful (and somethings not so wonderful) world of gaming! I’ll hope to bring
you some interesting reads that will both educate you and entertain you! So to start us off, I’ll be
seeing you next week with a quick discussion on how the Pokémon series twists the conventions
of JRPG design!

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