Hey yo! Welcome back to Week 10! Only 3 more weeks including SWOTVAC to finals, if you have any. Ever since coming here, I noticed how people study and do assignments varies to how we would normally perceive it to be.




The library usually opens til 12AM, but by 10PM it’s already a dead space. Even during midsems, it was so quiet and unlike Malaysia, where it’s still full and it feels like it’s still day. I’m not saying there isn’t anyone at all in the library, but there are so few that it feels strange. Perhaps it could be that I’m studying in the wrong places since there are other areas with 24 hour opening times such as the Engineering and Science labs, but even the campus and surrounding area itself feels like a ghost town past 6PM.


My lecturers included. I came here thinking everyone would be super serious with their studies (not saying they aren’t), but everyone has immense nightlives and social lives yet somehow they still manage to score Ds and HDs. My lecturer even gave us extensions just because we showed up to class, and usually everyone already shows up. Not sure if it’s a fake chill or an actual chill, because most people I know usually say “Yeah, I’m totally fine. Only got a few assignments left”

#3: Events on campus are at an all-time high

For some god forsaken reason, there’s even more events on campus during this time of the semester. Most are already preparing for the end of semester parties, or some are just totally irrelevant. This isn’t a bad thing however, which means that there is potentially free food available on campus during this time where everyone’s studying and/or confining themselves to the study areas. Attendance at club meetings that I usually go to still remain the same, as in no one skips it just because it’s a really stressful time during the semester.

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