There are still few more months until the new season of Sherlock (like, finally). I know the long wait is unbearable – and after rewatching season one through three for the 581928319th time, I got bored. So I boarded a noble quest; to search for new series to be obsessed about. Here are the top 3 of my good findings (not in the order of greatness).



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BBC isn’t the only one with Sherlock Holmes reboot. CBS went out of the conventional way and placed Sherlock in New York. The show is a lighter take on Sherlock Holmes compared to Sherlock. Yet, the show is irresistibly addictive. Jonny Lee Miller plays Sherlock in his own amazing way. With a twist on Watson’s gender (now there’s no more reason for them NOT to be together), the series took fresh turns on the historic characters. Lucy Liu stars as Dr. Watson, FYI, while directing the show itself. She reminds you of the Charlie’s Angels’ gloriousness. Not a spoiler, but the twist on Moriarty’s story is incredibly genius. A better news about the show is that one season follows the NORMAL amount of episodes, which is 22. Elementary already aired for three seasons, and the fourth one is coming in October. Can’t wait!

House, M.D.

Dr. House

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Imagine if the Sherlock in Sherlock grow old and decide to practice medicine. That’s the best explanation about House, M.D. that I can come up with. Even the producers of the show admitted that Sherlock Holmes is the inspiration for the series. House, M.D. follows Dr. Gregory House, the head of the diagnostic department at Princeton Plainsboro Hospital. Every episode revolves around Dr. House and his team solving patients with unusual symptoms. The resemblance of House to Sherlock is so obvious you can’t possibly miss it. First of all, Dr. House only has one true friend, Dr. James Wilson (yes, W-I-L-S-O-N instead of W-A-T-S-O-N). Second, he uses differential diagnostics (a.k.a. deductive reasoning for medical purposes) for each and every patient. Third, he’s a genius at playing several musical instruments. Most important of all, Hugh Laurie is English, so you still have that UK vibe. Luckily, House, M.D. ran for EIGHT seasons.


Luther BBC

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Although it’s another BBC crime drama, Luther is darker than Sherlock. It follows a similar pattern, in a much immersive way in terms of characters. The main character, DCI John Luther, is an actual police officer. Hence, every rule breaking in the name of obsession to find the killer takes heavier consequences. The show places Alice Morgan as Luther’s companion slash nemesis, making her a fusion of Watson and Moriarty. However, Idris Elba’s portrayal of Luther is spot on. Throughout the series, you would feel the confusions and desperateness that Elba/Luther feel. Unfortunately, as in the BBC fashion, Luther only have a handful of episodes and no confirmation about the next season. All in all, I think Luther has the closest thrill to Sherlock. The premises feel familiar, and BBC’s cinematography never fails to amaze me. Luther is definitely a must watch.

Mike Tyson Mysteries

Mike Tyson Mysteries

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Mike Tyson what? Yes, you didn’t misread it; it’s Mike Tyson Mysteries. Mike Tyson voices his own character, who go around solving mysteries with his Mike Tyson Mystery Team. The team consists of the most unusual bunch; Tyson’s adopted daughter, the Marquess of Queensberry and a man-pigeon. They travel around in a Scooby-Doo-like van. Meanwhile, they solve ridiculous cases like werewolf boyfriend, mite bites, haunted house, even a negative online review. However, these mysteries are often neglected as the plot heads to another direction. Some even end on cliffhangers. This is totally understandable since an episode only runs for 10 minutes. Nonetheless, the combination of Hanna-Barbera’s style and South Park’s surreal humor make Mike Tyson Mysteries a pleasure to watch.

You see, there is no ultimate replacement for Sherlock – so until early 2017 (hopefully!), make yourselves busy with the series above and enjoy!

Valerie is a 3rd year Food Science student who spends most of her time writing lab reports. If not, she’ll be binge-watching some TV series. She writes about TV shows and movies for Radio Monash Malaysia in her weekly section, Watching After Dark. You can drop your suggestions for the section here. This month is Sci-Fi September, so the first sci-fi series review will be published next week. Stay tune!

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