One time I tried to tell my friend to take up med school just because his crush was interested in the course. He hasn’t dropped out since, and that was when I knew I was qualified to answer some of life’s toughest quandaries. Over the past week, I’ve collected a few burning questions from fellow Monash students and have tried my best to provide insight.

Question: Can u help me think of a question?

I don’t know, can you?

Question: Why is it called the circle of life? Why not triangle or any other shapes?

I think it’s safe to answer that some of life’s most important elements are circular in nature?

Cupping was kind of a big deal back in the Olympics this year. Cupping is like, some ancient Chinese treatment that aids in pain relief, insomnia, muscle issues and cellulite. I mean, right, ladies? It’s also about this whole flow of ‘qi’ and balances the whole yin and yang thing.

I guess if I was really down with like, the kids I’d say it’s really 🔥lit 🔥.

Unless you’re this uncle who suffered blisters that resulted in 7 large holes on his back from a freak cupping accident. Warning: it’s extremely NSFW.

But then again, if it was good enough for Michael Phelps *AND* Gwyneth Paltrow, it’s honestly good enough for me.

Then there’s also like, um, contouring? That’s kinda circular in nature as well.

Okay, yes I know Kim has retired from contouring it’s still kind of a big deal, okay?

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Wanna see how @scottbarnes68 contours?!

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Speaking of Kim and big deals, everyone needs to stop making fun of Kim Kardashian West! She only came out to have a good time in Paris but ended up feeling very attacked. I mean! Fashion Week, and then that? 10 million dollars’ worth of jewelry? Honestly, being the mother, legend and star that she is it just wouldn’t be right to belittle her attack. It’s a horrible place out there when people would only be sympathetic if she was hurt and called that a stunt! I swear I could’ve wrangled someone to death after finding out my pastel Sharpie pack was gone in Audi 1 after I went to refill my artisanal bottle. Can you imagine being Kim right now? One moment at Demna’s Balenciaga show, the next being tied up in a bathtub, thinking that she was about to die? I wouldn’t wish this upon any mother, even those who put their kids in Dr. Martens. Like, aren’t they a [redacted] to break in?

Anyway, on the topic of being robbed, I’m also here to talk about another legend, star, and icon – Luna from f(x). She’s also someone else who was robbed from the charts, and I’m still feeling the rage 4 months after its release. Y’all really slept on her.

Question: Can u pls explain whats behind Pen Pineapple Apple Pen?

The Germans probably saw this coming. I mean, you guys could look at this.

Highs are in both 2009 and 2016, and 2009 being the year the Pineapple Express DVD being released. 2016, well, we had this pineapple pen mess.

You think this was conspired by German netizens to boost pineapple sales? Their government? I don’t know!

Annual volume of pineapple sold in Germany from 2006 to 2016* (in 1,000 tonnes)


But if I had to choose a favourite rendition it would be this one. Y’all better not sleep on his parodies as well.


Ms Lea Ding

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