Welcome to 2017!

What’s a uni-wide event that signifies the beginning of a new semester? No, it’s not orientation. I mean, who even goes for those anyway? It’s clubs & societies week, where you see clubs trying their hardest to attract new members; where you see performances in the foyer with crowds that block your way when trying to get to class.



What clubs & societies are there worth paying attention to?

MUSA’s editorial team has written a list of clubs that can be found here during C&S week. In short, it’s a sort-of healthy mix of athletic and non-athletic clubs.

As an individual with little interests, I can somehow assure you that there are very few clubs that actually cater to them. Now, this is my personal preference so don’t take this to heart. Although, a club solely based on meme appreciation would be nice but it probably would not be beneficial in any way. I’m not athletic enough to join any sports-related clubs, and neither do I have the $$$ to pay for membership (RM50 for rock climbing? No thanks).

A tip I can offer to all you fellow sleep-deprived students is to join the Monash Entrepreneur Club, the biggest club in Monash. I paid RM10 for their year-long membership card which included a bunch of discount perks from different restaurants. On top of that, you get a certificate at the end of the semester indicating your membership. The best part? You literally don’t have to do anything. Who wouldn’t want a certificate of participation that doesn’t require you to actually participate?

There’s the Animanga Club, for all your weeaboo needs. I’m surprised there isn’t a K-Wave club, with the amount of koreaboos we have on campus. There’s also your religious clubs, with somehow Christian Fellowship being the most popular. Surprisingly, when I walked past the Catholic Society Club’s booth, there was no one there. Suspicious…


AIESEC and Monash University Volunteer Program (MUVP) seem like more beneficial ways to be spending your degree life, in which you can actually contribute something back to the community.

All in all, clubs & societies are a fun and CV-helping way to pass time in uni. Make some friends, fall in love with people you can never be with, and maybe get a free meal or two. After all, some part of your tuition fees go to the resources in funding these. 😉


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