I know many people would rather avoid public transport. Why take laggy, long journeys when you have other means that can take you where you want to be at a faster pace? Besides trying to contribute to saving the environment… I can’t really think of anything else.

Sometimes, however, public transport has an effect on you. I’ll try my best to explain it with these words.

When you’re on a train or a bus, just you being there can make you think about so many things. You and a bunch of other people are just trying to get to where you want to be. But, maybe it’s the sound of the train tracks or just seeing the world pass by from a huge window which triggers the thoughts.

It also has sort of a calming effect. There are not many distractions. Sure, it might be crowded but when you’re sitting or standing and you’re not in a hurry, it can be really therapeutic. This works better when the little moving cube you seem to be in can’t be compared to a can of tuna.

Doesn’t it make you wonder: what other people are thinking of? This usually doesn’t occur to me when I’m in the car because I’m so caught up on traffic and why the drivers around me don’t bother to use their signal.

It makes me wonder where they’re heading to, and what goes on in their bubbles. Observe – there’s someone smiling at his phone, someone applying lipstick, someone reading a book. People have similar destinations but for different reasons, and even though you spend minutes or hours with them on the way, most of the time you’ll stay strangers.

The train tracks are never ending, they remain a monument of the past. If all of this ceases to exist the train tracks will take the longest to disappear.

The point that I’m trying to get at is that if you want to think, or if you need your mind to wander off – take public transport. It’s a great zone pondering zone and you’ll get a small sense of accomplishment if you manage to get somewhere by using it.

If you have the time, why not give it a go?

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