Having back-to-back classes can be really exhausting – especially on the days where your classes start early in the morning and doesn’t end until late in the evening. A power nap in the middle of the day usually helps though, when a cup of coffee doesn’t quite do it. Taking a nap in between classes can prove to be very beneficial. Naps can help improve your memory and your mood, make you more alert in classes, and reduce your stress levels.

I am someone who can nap just about anywhere and at any time. My friends can attest to this fact so I guess you can say I am someone who knows my stuff when it comes to napping. To those of you struggling to find a quiet and comfortable spot to snooze in between your classes, read on to find out my top five places to take a nap on campus.

1. Lecture theatres

Seeing as we pay so much, or rather our parents pay so much for our tuition fees, it’s not wise to sleep during a lecture. However, when the time really calls for it and you find yourself already dozing off in class, make sure you’re seated behind a tall person whose height can help cover you and whom you can hide behind. Otherwise, make sure you’re seated somewhere in the back of the lecture theatre where it’s dark and your lecturer can’t see you from the front. If you’re one of those people who can sleep with their eyes open then all the more better for you!

2. The collaborative learning space in Building 7 Level 3

Next on this list, the collaborative learning space, or as my friends and I are used to calling it: the sleeping space. As featured in a separate article where I made a comprehensive list of some of the best places to cry on campus, this is a perfect place for you to break down, cry and let it all out, while not drawing too much attention to yourself. Once you’re done, you can curl into a foetal position and take a nap after releasing all your emotions. If you feel shy about taking a short nap here, not to worry, as a quick walk around this area of the library would have you noticing other students doing the same thing you’re thinking of doing: taking a short nap during the day, and a well-deserved one at that.

3. The group discussion rooms in Building 7

If you’re around campus during Swot Vac and finals season then I’m sure you’ve seen people occupying the group discussion rooms on a daily basis. When they’re not up studying, they’re hibernating and they sure come prepared and ready to camp out on campus – equipping themselves with sleeping bags, mattresses, pillows, stuffed toys, and not forgetting snacks to munch on while they stay up studying. They make a home out of these group discussion rooms during the crucial weeks leading up to their exams. There are many reasons why these people find the group discussion rooms a great place for them to nap in between all the all-nighters, but it’s most likely because they get a room to themselves, as private a space as they get to sleep in here on campus.

4. Building 7 Level 3 (Library’s Expansion)

The library’s expansion area on the third floor is one of the most open and public places in this list for you to choose to take a nap in. There are usually many students walking past who have to go through this area, so it’s not exactly the most private place you can choose to lay your head down for a short rest. But if you’re not shy about it then this is the place for you – you can choose between curling up and getting comfy by this little nook pictured here or choose between the sofas placed in the centre of the space.

5. Building 6 Basement

Last on the list but surely not least, is the basement in Building 6 where there’s a soft seat for you to rest your head against or sleep on in between lectures. This spot on campus is for the no-frills student who is too exhausted to be bothered by the musty smell of the basement from lack of air circulation or the noise of the students gathered outside the lecture theatres, waiting for the previous lecture to end so they can find a seat inside.

Everyone pays almost the same tuition fees around here so we all equally deserve to fall asleep whenever and wherever we want to on campus. So there you have it, these are some of the best places on campus to take an afternoon nap in.

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