The pop-rock German quartet band Tokio Hotel returns after a 5 year break with a brand new album Kings of Suburbia, with new sounds and some questionable lyrics… but nonetheless, they’re back!

tokio hotel

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Just mentioning the word Tokio Hotel stirs up mixed emotions in me, usually of nostalgia and an ‘oh-i-forgot-they-existed-even-though-i-was-obsessed-with-them‘.

Bill and Tom Kaulitz, lead vocalist and guitarist, and also twins, got their inspiration of the album from their recent move to Los Angeles. In the past, they have been known for their German and English rock songs, mostly just translated versions. Their previous album, Humanoid (available in both German and English translations) had a gentle touch of electronic which was a refreshing change from the usual set of grunge and rock songs, found in Scream and Zimmer 483.

Before the arrival of the album, Tokio Hotel uploaded a music video for Run, Run, Run. It was a soft black and white ballad featuring Tom playing a grand piano with Bill singing next to it. The other two members, who live in Germany weren’t in the video as it was filmed in Los Angeles. A (controversial) music video of the song Girl Got A Gun made its way onto their YouTube channel some time later. It was considerably inappropriate and totally the opposite of what Tokio Hotel has produced in the past. Bill & Tom were the only band members in the music video who weren’t casts of the “story”.

The general sound of the album felt kinda artificial to me, but of course there were some exceptions. Some remarkable songs in the album worth listening to are definitely Kings of Suburbia, Invaded, Great Day, Love Who Loves You Back and undeniably Run, Run, Run. Some lyrics in the other songs should probably have R-ratings and taking into consideration that their older fans have grown up by now, they would probably understand some references. With that being said, they’re starting to sound just a teeny bit mainstream; with sexualized lyrics and all.

In their recent Feel It All: World Tour, they have named a leg of the tour “The Club Experience” which makes complete sense as most of the songs on the album have a club and dance vibe to them. It personally felt as if I was listening to a whole new band trying to get some radio airtime. (but i still would probably scream and turn up the volume really loud if i heard them on radio.)

What I’m trying to say is…

It was a breath of relief to finally see and get something new from the boys but in retrospect, my favoritism for the band overshadowed my opinions on the new album. It was honestly quite heartbreaking to hear the lack of meaningful lyrics, musical instruments and signature elements that fans have grown to love. But I still love them. Even if their new genre of music isn’t what I had expected. ♥

tokio hotel

i still love these boys, even if their style changes every year. (Photo Credit)

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