When you have so many assignments to do, have chairs as teammates and forgot to write about an article so the editor is about to kill me.

The End is Near

Amazingly enough, I am not yet fired for writing this super last minute article. Being in a mid-life crisis is terrible. Especially when you are facing engineering assignments that are due back to back for the next few weeks. With lazy teammates. And with responsibilities. And quizzes to finish. Notlikethis.

Fortunately enough, I was given a chance to live for the next few lines(?) of this article after BEGGING being able to produce a sweet article like this for the general public that is totally not dissapointing.

So, as a last minute article, I have decided to do the most generic original article ever. So why not talk about the latest dumb trend that is those pointless useful and expensive affordable gadgets known as………..

Fidget Spinners.

Yeah, yeah i know that Sumaiya has published her article about these autistic-helping spinners. Just treat hers as an introduction to these pathetic items and mine as a more… hate-driven article to these annoying items.

As you can tell, I am not particullary fond of the this new…… GADGET. For those of you who literally live under a rock, a fidget spinner is a toy like a top, but spun in the hand rather than on a surface. The user holds a pad at the center, and flicks one of three rounded blades. The spinner rotates around a bearing at the center. The light weight of the device and the low friction of the bearing allows it to spin for a long time. I take enginering people.

What’s the use of this? Well, mainly it is seen as a toy. But is commercially advertised as being a stress-relief tool. Or a possible cure for smartphone addiction (Results may vary).

Amazingly enough it is these kind of weird trends that disappoint impress me about this world. Remember when “Flappy Bird” was the crazy hot trend? Until it died? Similiar with Pokemon Go (which lasted for less than a year). These trends have been adopted by kids easily which explains why some of my teammates suck and caused some to voice out about the potential distraction they may cause.

Honestly these fidget spinners are about as useful as my teammates in which it does mostly nothing. Let’s see how this trend is even possible in the first place.

Fidget spinners are a toy for the hand


For as long as time has existed, mankind has created interesting inventions to either give themselves a certain advantage over others or waste their time with it. Without a doubt, one can credit the popularity surge of the spinner to one of the oldest toys in existence: the top. With a similiar design and movement as the top, the fidget spinner is basically a super mini top. For the hand.

With the market price for these spinners at 15 MYR it makes me question why would anyone buy this contraption at all. I mean, really all it does is literally spin and make you look cool. It’s like those spinner pens that i once got in primary school. Everyone else has it and it looks fancy, so why not get it? It was fun at first and then it gets a bit run down and boring. Like Pokemon Go or Flappy Bird.

Honestly, if you are pretty well loaded and need another distraction in your life? Go ahead, purchase one of these and let out the inner edgy self of yours. Fortunately for you, those spinners may be more useful than somethings in life.

I’ll take my leave as I hear the angry mob outside my door for triggering people again. People get triggered too easily now adays.

I have assignments to do.


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