THE PROVOCATIVE TRUTH. It’s time to stop turning a blind eye to it and embrace it. Most of the time, we are a hundred percent responsible for the unpleasant situation we’re in. We’re responsible for the pain that we feel.

Source: Even if you didn’t.

You find yourself complaining that you have no friends – you’re not putting yourself out there enough, or maybe you’re clamouring for the attention of people who want nothing to do with you. You’re having a hard time keeping up with your studies – yet you’ve wasted hours upon hours scrolling through social media, maybe made that choice to eat out, to hang out with a friend, to indulge in a night out of drinking one too many times this month. You look at yourself in the mirror and hate what you see – you’re not putting in the effort to engage in healthy eating habits or to sweat it out at the gym you keep making excuses not to go to; you’re not attempting to change your mindset to one where you value yourself no matter your appearance. You find yourself overwhelmed by the urges to hurt yourself from time to time – it’s time to look for a healthy coping mechanism and perhaps find a support group, counsellor or mentor who will hold your hand through the darkest times. You overthink and cry yourself to sleep five nights a week over a certain person – it’s time to admit that your relationship with them may be unhealthy and that you might be the ‘toxic’ one in it, projecting your insecurities and ideals on the other person.

Maybe no one is going to see your worth, but it is crucial that you yourself do. Or you will find yourself ten years down the road with a myriad of regrets, still wallowing in your pit of self-pity and complaints, wondering what went wrong and in the end blaming it on your “circumstances” and other people. Ultimately, no one is going to lose out more than yourself if you don’t embrace these truths. They’re the hardest pills to swallow, but you will find yourself more at peace with every one that you digest.

It’s alright to not be the best version of yourself yet – everyone is the worst version of themselves at some point or another – as long as you pick yourself back up and make the decision to strive to be the best you can be. Acknowledge the heartaches but don’t let them define you, because you are and can be so much more than them. So, bury your past hurts and disappointments in the dirt once more and leave them in their grave; let them rest. It’s time you let yourself rest, too.

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