Have you ever wondered why fairytales continue to mesmerize us no matter how old we are? Truth be told the fairytales are quite relatable to our lives even in this very era!

These fairytales teach us to be more persistent and inspire us to work to the best of our abilities. They teach us to treat everyone equally and seek more than material gain in life. Each story conveys a core message that transformation is possible for even the most ordinary ones. Be it from maid to princess or from helplessness to power!

One cannot rely on anyone else for the transformation to happen. A prince charming might not arrive to simply rescue from the distresses in real life. It is our own responsibility to learn and handle our life better than yesterday in order to create a better tomorrow. Help can be found in many forms to guide us on the path of self-improvement, but it is solely on us to decide the course of our life.

The story of Cinderella is one of the most popular and versatile fairytales. Her story has been told in various ways all over the world for hundreds of years. Has it occurred to you why such a fairytale has been so famous for so long? What hidden message could it have for us anyway?

If you observe the story of Cinderella carefully, you will see that she paid her dues and earned her help from the fairy god-mother. Her story has a lot to teach us for today’s competitive world. The modern Cinderellas are under constant pressure. But this pressure only builds their strength. They know how to get right back up and brush their shoulders off when they are put down. They make mistakes and are far from perfect. Regardless of all the hardships, they choose to never give up on their goals and visions till they reach the finish line.

“We all are modern Cinderellas!”

Despite the differences in our religions, races, cultures, values and ethics, we all aspire to work patiently to fulfill our dreams! We even face hardships and sacrifice a lot to achieve those dreams.

The way we deal with our everyday life situations is completely our own responsibility. But not every type of hardship can be dealt by our own knowledge. So, we should always try to do our best and lookout for fairy god-mentors as we go along. The knowledge and expertise of these mentors along with our willingness to achieve better results no matter what the situations are, will make the magic happen!

When we have the right kind of guidance, no matter how many detours we face, we can always look for a new way to resolve the situations.
You may wonder how do we find these god-mentors in real life? God-mentors are the people you seek out as your trusted advisors. It is best to have a realistic perception when it comes to picking our mentors.

More than most of the times, the people we admire and aspire to become like, are not the kind of people we may think they are. They may have to carry a certain persona to earn their bread and butter. They can be our role models to a certain extent only but not mentors. Hence, it is better to be mentored by people with whom we have a good chance to interact in real time.

Some may not even have a possible mentor at hands. They can always look out for mentorship programs online or offline.

Your god-mentors can come in three forms. Traditional one to one mentorship, distance/online mentorship and group mentoring. They all are equally effective to help you grow as a better person by navigating your potentials around certain life challenges.
Having good mentors throughout the walks of life is important. But it is even more important to be kind, humble, hard-working and patient as a person. One should never give up on their dreams and put the maximum effort to make them come true. Just like Cinderella! Only then a happy ending resides for us all!

By Tamanna Yasmeen

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