Have you ever pondered over life and how existence came to be?

My thoughts are not confined to the parameters of the known

universe, but beyond. Each of our individual lives is a grain of

sand in an endless desert. We are existing at this very moment

with infinite non-existence bearing down on us from either side.

The world we live in is an abode of information and sentiments.

Human beings who have existed and will exist; people we care for

and love; the accumulation of all our hardships and triumphs;

countless optimistic beliefs, religions, ideologies and economic

doctrines fighting for supremacy.

In this consumerist era, it is common understanding that only the

wealthy can enjoy the splendors of this universe. Though true to a

certain extent, I find solace in natural creation for it’s a divine,

unadulterated connection between myself and the world. Nature can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone- religion, culture, beliefs,etc are irrelevant.


social lives and

technology are put on such a high pedestal by the majority. The

harsh reality is that being born into such a dynamic environment

we are probably left with a single choice — go with the flow or risk

being thrown into the depths of irrelevancy.

Technology and social life are synonymous in our generation. We

live in an age where we upload pictures every other day to remind

people of our existence. Facebook or Instagram ‘Likes’ dictate

social superiority. The purpose of technology is to bring the world

together but we’ve never been further apart. We have lost the

spiritual connection between ourselves and the natural world

around us. It’s much easier to drop a like at a picture of nature than to actually go and see it, feel it.

We are all coping with our hectic lives and problems but once in a

while we should all take a breather and admire the beautiful world

around us because life is short-lived.


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