Well, this is such a fitting name especially since it’s haze season. I would first like to remind everyone to stay safe during this period by staying indoors as much as you can, drinking as much water as you can and keep a face mask with you.


Anyways, that was the end of my public service announcement.


Since now all you see around you is haze, when would your sight actually be hazy? Most of the time, it would actually be when you are either blinded by something; blinded by love, blinded by the lies that were fed to you, blinded by appearances or even literally blinded by the people covering up your eyes. Now when your vision is blurred, you would not be able to realize what a certain person or a situation is actually really like because a thick layer of smog envelops everything.


Take someone who is being blurred or blinded by love for example. That person is too caught up with the idea of that someone that she or he does not realize his or her true personality. You are too caught up in your own idea of your person to actually see him or her for who they truly are, and that, would be your demise. Because….what if they are not compatible with you? What if that person is not good for you? What if that person is only using you? All these questions will not cross your mind at the time, because you would not want to believe the idea that you and said person would not be good together in any way. If you feel like you are this person or you know someone who is this person, give them this advice or listen to this: Do not rush into anything too quickly. Let time do its job because time will only reveal a person’s true colours. So, take your time and enjoy the process of getting to know someone.


If you can’t relate to that, then I hope this could be something that resonates. Besides being blinded by love, you can be blinded by rage, charm and lies. When you are too angry, you would lose all sense of rationality and logic. You would react purely based on impulse and start acting irrationally. You would also say things that you don’t mean or do something that you regret later on. Whenever you get upset or angry, please take a deep breath first, before walking away from the scene to take a breather. These days, it is so easy for people to be blinded by charm and lies. Everyone accepts anything at face value. At first glance, they take in your appearance then they start buying whatever you say without a second thought, only if you are attractive enough to them. You get so caught up with the idea of the person that has been sold to you that you do not realize the potential damage that this person could do to you. This would not apply for everyone but for some. The one way you can take off the beer goggles is to consult with a few friends and ask for their opinion on that particular person.


Having to turn a blind eye to the truth and reality, it is actually more painful than you think.


Source:Unknown Celebrity Holding Blue Book

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