P1170163The first ever Monash Cup was held on the 11th of September. We were given the opportunity to emcee for both the Opening and the Closing Ceremony.

The 2015 Monash Cup was well organized and put together perfectly by the C&S division of MUSA, with Jeffrey as President and Thiviyah as Vice President. It consisted of 4 houses, being Leviathan, Culebre, Opinicus and Manticore. The event lasted for one week with activities such as Basketball, Futsal, Tug of War, Dodgeball, Athletics, Table tennis and etc. It was an amazing event in efforts to make the bond of students stronger as they join as one, as a team. The games were held day by day where the players would battle their hearts out in hopes of coming forth as a victor at the end of the games. It was not just about waving their flags but it was because of the pride that they carry as a team.

The opening and closing event made us feel very much amazed as we got to witness the triumph and the spirits of all the students who participated and even supporters who gave their utmost support in the event. The moments of the night of the Closing ceremony will never be forgotten as the students were not divided into their own schools but as one.

Nisha Rose & Shane Kwong


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