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So, who is DYSN anyway?


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DYSN is an artist that I discovered while clicking through Spotify’s suggested artists after a friend of mine suggested the song “IDFC” by Blackbear. My music taste has drastically changed throughout the years and this album is a reflection of that. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

He is signed under KANARY Records, owned by DVBBS who is known for their track “Tsunami“. If you don’t know who they are, just have a listen to the song. I’m sure you would’ve heard a snippet of some sort on the radio on late nights when they play the club-ish remixes.

DYSN describes his sound as mainstream, hip-hop and diverse. I whole-heartedly agree with the diverse part as he does use samples from tracks by other artists and incorporates it into his own music, and in his song Kendall, he sampled a few lines off We’re Alone (featuring Blackbear). It could’ve been the other way round but I don’t mind, both songs are equally amazing. The track that I first heard and fell in love with is Forget You. 2 minutes of pure, unadulterated acoustic guitar bliss, and of course DYSN’s amazing voice. His track, Coldest Summers, has a sample from Shiki No Uta, a track off the OST of anime Samurai Chaploo. He has collaborated with Jaxon for his track Drunk & Romantic and other songs like Windows Down and Hennessy, which doesn’t appear on this EP, but on Jaxon’s EP, Wildwest.

If you asked me, I would describe his songs as the kind that I would take a Snapchat video of at 3AM while facing a blank white wall with a black and white filter. It’s calm, chill, with the occasional swear word, but overall: somehow relaxing and RnB. I love that his songs keep to below 4 minutes, which is enough for me to be curious and leaves me wanting more (I’m not saying that I don’t have the attention span for songs above a certain time frame). I’ve played his EP throughout the busiest weeks of the semester and I now associate it with studying and assignments. Is that a good thing? Let me know!


I personally think he covers his face in most of his pictures to keep a sense of mystery, but I think that’s just his personal style.
(Photo Credit: Facebook)

You can listen to his entire 5-track EP for free on Spotify, or you could further support him as an artist by purchasing it on iTunes for RM20! Learn more about DYSN from his interviews with RnBass and Galoremag.

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