As we approach the later weeks of the semester, time spent rushing overdue assignments studying and working on projects grows longer and stretches later into the night. It can get mind-melting and even when you do take breaks from time to time, relaxing seems near-impossible when everything’s sitting on your shoulders. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the funky little parts of the internet.


Bubble Tea – Peaceful Cuisine

(Peaceful Cuisine, Youtube)

If you’re looking for a video that’s easy on the eyes and gentle on the ears, this video really hits the spot. It’s got slightly desaturated tones and a lulling tune running in the background that you can sit back and chill to. Also, if you’re into ASMR, they’ve got music-free versions of every video they put up with all the crispy, crinkly noises that make y’all ASMR-fanatics gooey inside.


MEET – Cooper FX – Knobs

(Knobs, Youtube)

For all the audiophiles out there, here’s a channel that tests out guitar pedals in a way that is as wonderfully visually pleasing as it sounds. Soft, vaguely lo-fi beats accompany pastel text superimposed onto a video of the knobs being spun to show off all the modulations possible. Even for the technologically confused, this video still works as a calming little getaway from the monotonous white-black of Google Docs text.


A Thing About Chords – Louie Zong

(Louie Zong, Youtube)

An originally written melody played with different chord arrangements, accompanied by hand-written text describing the different moods and adorable animations. It’s as soothing as it is impressive that the sheer amount of information can was pushed into a video under two-minutes could even be calming to watch. Louie Zong also produces music, along the lines of study-friendly lo-fi which you can check out on Spotify here.


Mount St.Helens is About to Blow Up

(Bill Wurtz, Youtube)

Subtly shady commentary on the current political climate of the United States paired with the most trippy, absurd visuals you’ve ever seen pulled out of Paint.exe. There’s no other adjective that best describes this video other than purely… odd. If you’re looking to get out of your mind for a few minutes, this’ll do the trick. Also! If you want to check out a Genius video of Bill Wurtz breaking down the lyrics of the song, you can find that over here on Youtube.


Abstract Loop 1 – Scruffy

(Scruffy, Youtube)

When it comes to the odd little gems of Youtube, this one probably takes the cake. A quick, under-30 seconds video that’ll have you hitting replay to catch the finer details of this short but impressive animation. Currently, this is the only video of its kind on Scruffy’s Youtube channel, which normally does reviews analysing video game design, and musical arrangements from classic video games like Super Mario which you can find here and here but I’d like to hope another one will pop up on the channel soon.


Sharpest Pasta Knife in the World – Kiwami Japan

(Kiwami Japan, Youtube)

So this one’s a bit of a longer video, with a runtime spanning nearly fifteen minutes but certainly, an interesting one to check out. Just as the title says, it’s a video of someone making a knife out of store-bought spaghetti with a couple of ASMR-y sounds thrown in for good measure. While it is pretty weird, it’s also impressive in the whole someone came up with this idea and then actually took the time to make this kinda way. Definitely worth checking out if you’re planning on pushing away the books for a while.


Well, if you’ve checked out all the videos and reached the end of this, I guess it’s time to head back to work. Procrastinating can be fun, but sleeping early and not-dying is indeed much better. Stay hydrated and I’ll see y’all in the next post!



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