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The Key To A Successful Life

Self-Confidence is the key to your success. If you have self-confidence, you have won half the battle of life. Self-confident[…]


How To Brain-‘Wash’ Your Body

We are all so prone to getting brainwashed by the currencies of negativity around and within us. These negative thoughts enter our racing minds and eventually takes a toll on our bodies. We owe it to ourselves to rinse all that toxicity away especially in the shower. Here’s how you could give your brain a ‘wash’ by feeding it with uplifting thoughts as act of kindness to the body.


Instagram: The “Frenemy”

Anything is possible! Even if it means going the extra mile to make a true friend out of your “frenemy”, Instagram.


How To Be A Rebel WITH A Cause

Dare to rebel against the venomous thoughts of self-doubt and negativity? Here’s how you can combat this emotional strain to feel much more intact!