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I still remember the first time I lived away from home in Singapore, almost 5 years ago. During that time, smartphones had literally JUST become trendy amongst youth all around the world, which started to demolish the competition against phones with physical buttons (remember those sweet Nokia N-Gage? Those were the days). It was almost impossible to imagine that a huge rectangular piece of electronic touch-screen plate would be the staple of today’s lifestyle, back in those days.

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I stumbled on some of unusual, innovative gadgets that might seem to be really weird, but should be very useful for our daily lives. It just might be a possibility that some of these inventions may not seem so weird in the next 5 or 10 years.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to be an advertisement. The writer does not have any affiliation to any of the companies developing the products listed below.
  1. AirBar – Touchscreen without Touchscreen


Let’s start off with the less weird gadget. AirBar offers an opportunity for non-touchscreen laptop users to apply such facility to their own machine. It uses a sensor which should be put directly below the screen. There is a USB cable on the sensor, which can be easily plugged into the laptop. The sensor will then detect any movement on top of the laptop screen. It does not matter what you use to navigate: fingers, stylus, sausages, etc. As students, this gadget could be useful as a note-taking device (if by any means you are less proficient in typing than writing on screen, or you are not bringing a book with you) or as a drawing media. This gadget is priced at MYR500.00, which is more money than you can shake a stick at.

Be ready to turn your laptop into a smartphone. A huge one, that is.

Tl;dr: Touchscreen for non-touchscreen laptops. Connect sensor to USB and you are good to go.

  1. Bruno SmartCan – It’s Garbage can, not Garbage cannot.


Bruno SmartCan is a trashcan complete with a vacuum cleaner on the bottom part of the can (I have no clue why ‘Bruno’ is the name chosen for this). The vacuum part will suck any small objects under it. All you have to do is to sweep the cookie crumps, hair, and dust on the bottom part of the can. Bruno can be connected to your phone, both iOS and Android. It has a specific application to remind you about the garbage day when you need to take out the trash. Despite the weird but useful idea, the design is pretty sleek and futuristic, so it would still be aesthetically pleasing. Being the lazy students that we are (feel free to beg to differ), this trash can would serve a legitimate purpose in keeping our room clean.

In the end, you still need to sweep the floor with a broom, though.

Tl;dr: A trashcan with vacuum on the bottom. Throw trash on top, sweep bits on bottom.

  1. Sensorwake Oria – Wake up, put a brush and put on a little make up.

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This small and sleek alarm clock would wake up you up just like any other alarm clock, and then some. It is said to be able to wake you up with “a stimulating pleasant scent, a breathing light and a melody”. The uncommon and soothing way to wake you up would reportedly link memory and emotions with smell, which would always wake you up in good mood. There are capsules that can be inserted into the alarm clock to release the aroma, which can be refilled and 100% eco-friendly. The dodgy element is that they only advertise the aromas that are easy on the nose. It is reported (not credible, mind you) that they also have more ‘delicate’ aromas, i.e. pungent, such as bottom gaseous excrement full of urea. For you who have troubles waking up in the morning for those troublesome morning classes, you can get these alarm clocks for approx. MYR340.00.

Wake up happy or wake up snappy, the clock will work.

Tl;dr: Alarm clock which releases odor. Pick your poison.

There are 3 gadgets listed here, but there are definitely more wacky inventions that is actually quite useful. Who knows, you might be the one creating a whole new trend in the future.

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